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SunCoast Blood Centers launches environmental incentive

SunCoast Blood Centers launches environmental incentive

SARASOTA FL (WWSB – America’s first certified green blood bank, SunCoast Blood Centers announces its commitment of planting a new tree for each blood donation.

Its a privilege to help save lives here along Floridas Suncoast and now we have the opportunity to have a global impact as well, said Scott Bush, CEO of SunCoast Blood Centers. We are committed at planting 40,000 more trees this year.

SunCoast Blood has partnered with Forestmatic since April 1. This organization is helping to plant 40,000 trees this year. Our goal is 2,530 tons of carbon dioxide, CO2, to offset and preserve the planet’s future.

Bush said that each SunCoast Blood donor will have the ability to track their tree and monitor its growth at the end of their donation month.

SunCoast Blood Centers’ commitment to the environment extends beyond partnering with local Florida-based environmental organisations such as the Sarasota Bay Estuary Program and the Bay Sarasota (The Bay Park Conservancy), or Conservation Foundation of the Gulf Coast. These local environmental groups are championing environmental protection in the region.

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I am pleased, on behalf of Blood Centers of America (a national blood banking cooperative) to which we are a member to announce a $1000 donation for each of these environmental organizations who are working hard in protecting our Suncoast. Bush

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