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Suppliers Partnership for the Environment (SP), in collaboration with The Water Council, to promote water stewardship in the automotive supply chain

Suppliers Partnership for the Environment (SP), in collaboration with The Water Council, to promote water stewardship in the automotive supply chain

WASHINGTON, Feb. 22, 2022/PRNewswire/ -TheSuppliers Partnership For the Environment (SP), has announced a new collaboration to The Water Council (TWC), in support of the organization’s development of a water management program for the automotive supply chains.

SP offers a platform for global auto manufacturers and their suppliers to collaborate towards a shared vision of an automobile industry with positive environmental impacts. SP allows industry leaders to come together to share their best practices and take action on key environmental sustainability priority such as carbon neutrality and sustainable materials management.

The Water Council, a non-profit organization dedicated to freshwater innovation that is internationally acclaimed, has more than a decade of experience working with businesses.

The Water Council and Ford Motor Company will co-chair the first phase. The SP’s Water Stewardship Work Group is working together to test the design for a sector-wide water program. It will be based on a decision matrix, and an action plan, that aids member organizations achieve excellence with their water stewardship performance.

Ford believes that safe, clean water is a fundamental right. We have a responsibility for water resources efficiency and sustainability to ensure that our operations don’t adversely impact the access of other users. Ford has made great strides in water conservation at our sites, but we also recognize the tremendous potential to work with industry peers and suppliers to further support global water challenges.” Andy Hobbs, Global Director Environmental Quality Office Ford Motor Company

Toyota recognizes water as a global issue that must be managed locally. Therefore, we work to minimize water usage at our sites and optimize it based on local conditions. We look forward to working with industry partners on this new project to increase our industry’s collective efforts in conserving and protecting water resources and drive water stewardship practices throughout the supply chain.” Mark YamauchiManaging Sustainability, Toyota Motor North America.

SP will collaborate with The Water Council to pilot a sector-wide water governance methodology. It would be used to help member companies identify water-related risks that could impact priority sites, understand their impact on their source water and watersheds, prioritize risks and evaluate opportunities for action, develop water stewardship strategies, commits and targets based upon prioritized risks and opportunities, and communicate water sustainability commitments, actions, metrics and metrics to key stakeholders as well as customers.

“By supporting the creation of a Water Stewardship Programme that SP can implement jointly with its members we intend to chart an honest and transparent path for individual firms to follow, leading to meaningful enterprise-wide Water Stewardship strategies, commitments, actions, and strategies. We expect supply-base companies to be better equipped to report to key stakeholders and customers on the status of their water management performance.” Matt HowardVice President Water Stewardship at The Water Council.

“Through this initiative, we plan to create an industry-supported framework to help automotive value chains identify and prioritize water-related risk and understand potential water management strategies and actions that they can implement based upon those prioritized risks. We look forward working with The Water Council to be an expert partner in supporting our members’ efforts to conserve and preserve this vital resource.” Kellen MahoneyDirector, Suppliers Partnership for the Environment.

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Visit this site to learn more about the new water stewardship program for the automotive supply chain, and how you can get involved as a SP member.

About SP
Suppliers Partnership for the Environment (SP), a forum for global automotive manufacturers and their small and large suppliers, has been a key platform for them, the US EPA, and other government agencies from around the globe to collaborate towards a common vision of an automobile industry that has a positive environmental impact. Find out more at:

The Water CouncilThe Global Water Center is a global hub devoted to solving critical water issues by driving innovation and improving water stewardship. It was built on more than a century worth of water innovation. From its headquarters at The Global Water Center, it has created one of the largest water technology clusters worldwide. Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The Water Council recognizes that water stewardship is an essential part of water innovation and promotes it as such.

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