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SusGlobal Appoints Dominique Kelly to the Environmental Compliance Officer

SusGlobal Appoints Dominique Kelly to the Environmental Compliance Officer

SusGlobal Appoints Dominique Kelly as Environmental Compliance Officer

Toronto, Ontario – (Newsfile Corp. –January 19, 2022). – SusGlobal Energy Corp.“SusGlobal” Oder the “Company”Today,, the developer of SusGro (an award-winning, revolutionary organic liquid fertilizer that is free from pathogens), announced that Dominique Kelly has been named Environmental Compliance Officer. This appointment will take effect on January 1, 2022. Dominique has been with SusGro for three years. She was first the Environmental Compliance & Project Development manager.

“Dominique has kept a focus on execution, environmental strategy, and has guided SusGlobal though an impressive wave of regulatory developments at its Belleville facility,” said Marc Hazout (Executive Chairman and CEO of SusGlobal Energy Corp.) “Management was pleased that Dominique was appointed Environmental Compliance Officer (“ECO”) to guide our march to open new markets for our products. Her extensive knowledge of environmental regulations and her expertise in the constantly changing regulations was crucial to our decision to raise Dominique to ECO. We are proud to announce this and look forward to working with Dominique.

SusGlobals purchased the Hamilton, Ontario facility and all associated Environmental Compliance Approvals. Dominique was appointed ECO. These developments are expected open up new markets opportunities for SusGlobals proprietary processes and technology.

Dominique said that SusGlobal is a leader within the circular economy model. She hopes to work with the board and the entire team to reach the company’s full technology and business potential. We are excited about the future with a strong focus on superior products and the momentum that our business has gained into 2022.

Dominique brings 3 years of experience in the ECO role as the Environmental Compliance & Project Development Coordinator at the Organic & Non-Hazardous Waste Processing and Composting Facility. Dominique graduated in 2016 from Trent University with an Honours BA in Environmental Resource Studies. In 2019, Fleming College issued her a certificate in Environmental Planning. Dominique has been involved in environmental law and policy explorations from Governmental agencies, shoreline assessment, Geographic Information System applications, indigenous consultations, and more. Dominique also has experience and knowledge beyond academia. She is an expert in public engagement, policy interpretation and environmental monitoring and analysis. She has also been trained in heavy machinery, sales, quality assurance, and processing. Dominique received her Compost Facility Operator certificate in 2020, which was recognized by The Compost Council of Canada.

About SusGlobal Energy Corp.

SusGlobal Energy Corp. is the developer of SusGro. This award-winning, pathogen-free organic liquid fertilizer is a biotechnology company that focuses on the acquisition, development, and monetization of proprietary technologies in the global waste to energy and regenerative products markets. Management’s goal is to make SusGlobal a major provider of sustainable waste to energies and regenerative products and a trusted brand in the fertilizer, soil, and aquaculture markets, as LEADERS OF THE CIRCULAR ECONOMY. Visit the Company’s website for more information:

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