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Tennessee Wildfires March 30 and 31 2022 – Environment

Tennessee Wildfires March 30 and 31 2022 – Environment

Tennessee Wildfires Of March 30 And 31, 2022 - Environment

United States

Tennessee Wildfires March 30 and 31 2022

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Wildfires swept eastern Tennessee on March 30, 31 and 32
2022: Destruction of thousands upon thousands of acres of land
There are hundreds of damaged structures, with the worst damage occurring in the largest ones
in Sevier County. The majority of the fires have been extinguished as of April 5.
been extinguished, or contained. According to reports, the main fires are the
Hatcher Mountain/Indigo Fire, Millstone Gap/Seymour Fire. Cold
Springs Fire and Wears Valley Fire with the relevant zip codes
Included 37732-37738, 37764-37764, 37862, 38862, 37764-37764, 37862, 37562, 37862, 38062, 37862, 37062, 37862, 37564, 37863, 37862, 38062, 37863, 37862, 37564, 37863, 37862, 37061, 37865, 37865, 37865, 37865 and 37871.

Extremely dry and severe winds were reported.
Winds knocking down powerlines and trees across the state
Information about these wildfires can be found at the
Tennessee Division of Forestry
website. The map below
It shows the location of each wildfire.


Map courtesy of the Tennessee Division of Forestry

Our lawyers are available to assist you, as well as wildfire investigators who have been retained by us.
The evaluation of the factors involved in the initiation
Spreading these fires and the resulting damage, as well as the work in
in tandem with the state and local authorities. There are many.
Possible causes of each fire, including power lines down
These are the results of the high wind conditions mentioned above. These conditions are called high wind conditions.
All wildfires are currently under active investigation.


It is crucial that insurance companies get to work quickly in order to be successful.
Maximize recovery chances after a wildfire. As our
Investigators obtain additional information about each case
We will place anyone who could be responsible for these wildfires
We will take note of any claims made by our clients and coordinate our efforts.
fire scene analysis. We will also collect and preserve evidence.
Make sure that potential adverse parties keep all relevant documents
evidence. Then we will arrange for interviews with percipients.
Witnesses are required to obtain the appropriate documentation from private or public authorities.
Public sector authorities

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