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Tesla submits Gigafactory Berlin documents for approval: Environment Ministry
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Tesla submits Gigafactory Berlin documents for approval: Environment Ministry

Tesla submits Gigafactory Berlin approval documents: Environment Ministry

Tesla has submitted all of the required documents for the German State of Brandenburg to approve the operation and production of electric vehicles at the company’s first European production facility known as Gigafactory Berlin. The Environment Ministry of the German State of Brandenburg said that it had received all required documentation from Tesla, and any other relevant agency.

The approval process continues, and it is impossible to predict when approval will be given.

Tesla has been developing Gigafactory Berlin since late 2019 when CEO Elon Musk announced the plant’s creation while accepting an award. The process has not been smooth for the Silicon Valley-based carmaker. There have been numerous delays due to government regulations, resistance from local citizens, and environmental groups. According to Jrg. Steinbach, Minister of Economics, Labor and Energy, the plant was scheduled to begin production in late summer or early fall. The plant was rumored then to have hit its last snag in December when water pumping delivery rates were increased for Eggersdorf’s waterworks. However, this decision had not been tested and approved. Reports indicated that some “observers” had doubted that Tesla would be able to receive approval and begin production before 2022.

The imminent operation and manufacturing approval now depends on the Government’s ability to give Tesla the green light, which is now possible because agencies have received all of the necessary paperwork, according toReuters.It all depends on how quickly the documents can be approved and whether Tesla is allowed to start production before the end 2021.

Elon Musk, Tesla CEO, at Gigafactory Berlin on September 2020. (Credit: @AndreasOpperman/Twitter)

Brandenburg Minister-President Dietmar Woidke suggested that a decision might be taken in the early 2022.

Elon Musk has been critical of the German bureaucratic process and has stated in the past that it has slowed down much of Tesla’s efforts in Germany. Tesla even made a request to German federal government in April for a revision of its permit approval process. “The German approval framework for industrial and infrastructure projects as well as for spatial planning is in direct contrast to the urgency of planning and action needed to combat climate change In fact, the German approval processes that have been around for decades have not fundamentally changed. These approvals were made at a time when global sustainability issues were far less urgent than they are today. They are also based on outdated processes that effectively ensure that projects of any importance can be constructed for many years.

The Model Y all-electric crossover will be built by Tesla at Gigafactory Berlin, when production begins.

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Tesla submits Gigafactory Berlin documents for approval: Environment Ministry

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