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The amazing marine life of Britain will include whales and pufferfish in 2021 | Environment

The amazing marine life of Britain will include whales and pufferfish in 2021 | Environment

Seagrass with seahorse by Andrew Pearson

According to a 2021 marine review, humpback whales are becoming more common off the coast of Britain. However, dumped fishing gear is causing an increase in the number of stranded seals, and dolphins.

Pufferfish, walruses and According to the Wildlife Trusts’, furrowed crabs were among many marine creatures from far-flung locations that visited the UK, Ireland, and the United States this year because of the climate crisis. Meanwhile, puffins returned to the Isle of Man after a 30-year-old rat eradication program.

After years of overfishing and pollution, white-beaked dolphins were spotted off Essex for the very first time in more then two decades. The successful reintroduction of sand lizards to the dunes in Lancashire has been a success.

According to conservationists 2021 was a year of positive change for marine ecosystems around British Isles. Plans were launched to restore seagrass meadows as well as huge kelp forests that provide shelter for wildlife. A rise in cetacean deaths at sea was a sign of trouble. This year, more than 170 dolphins, whales and porpoises, as well as 247 seals, were stranded in Cornwall. Many were injured by fishing activity.

Seagrass with seahorse by Andrew Pearson
A variety of schemes were initiated to restore seagrass meadows, kelp forests and other habitats that provide food and shelter for seahorses. Photograph: Andrew Pearson

Lissa Batey (head of marine conservation for Wildlife Trusts) said: It has been a fantastic and record-breaking year for sightings of marine megafauna, especially in the south west, but it is clear that the oceans are under tremendous pressure from pollution, development, climate change, recreation, and fishing. These issues have a significant impact on the marine environment.

A humpback whale was discovered in Cornwall after being caught in fishing line. Seven grey seals were found on Mousehole beach within two day, and they were linked with spider crab netting.

Despite the strandings humpback whales were still seen around the coast. This was once a rare sight. According to conservationists, more than 75 sightings of humpback whales have been reported since 2019. This is a sign that populations are recovering from bans on commercial whaling. The Isles of Scilly Wildlife Trust recorded humpbacks circling the islands. One individual, Pi, stayed for more than two years. More were seen off Shetland and in the Firth Of Forth.

Matt Slater is the marine conservation officer for Cornwall Wildlife Trusts. He said that it was rare to see a humpback in the UK just a few years back. It seems like they are hunting big shoals sardines, which are now abundant around our shores. It is incredible to see these amazing creatures up close.

In 2021, the Arctic will be a national park Wally, the Walrus is a nickname for the walrusThe walrus was often seen lying on boats along the UK coast, possibly driven by melting seaice in the polar north. A second walrus was also seen in Northumberland and Shetland. A pufferfish, a rare species that is rarely found this far north, washed up in Cornwall in October.

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Wally the arctic walrus lounges in a speedboat at Crookhaven, County Cork.
Wally the arctic wallaby relaxes on a speedboat at Crookhaven, County Cork, Ireland. The walrus was first seen in County Kerry in March. It was also seen off Pembrokeshire, Cornwall, and the Isles of Scilly in England.Photograph: Niall Carson/PA

Wildlife Trusts also warned of an increase in human disturbances to marine animals. There have been three times as many incidents between 2014 and 2014. Concern is growing concern about the use of motorboats and jetskis. The Wildlife Trust of South and West Wales witnessed an increase in jet skis and motorboats this year. a seal pup being abandonedby its mother after people were spotted taking selfies of the pup.

Dr Emily Baxter is a senior marine conservation officer at North West Wildlife Trusts. She said: We have amazing marine life in the UK. Weve had some great sightings this past year, from kind of Sea slugs dancingFrom puffins returning home in Cumbria, It is important to remind people they don’t have to travel to far-flung areas to see amazing marine life.

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