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The Bookseller – Rights – Michael OMara lands the essential handbook of environment expert Siegle

The Bookseller – Rights – Michael OMara lands the essential handbook of environment expert Siegle

Michael OMara has landed 100 Questions to Boost Your Climate & Nature IQ: Be the Ultimate Friend of EarthLucy Siegle, eco expert and broadcaster.

Jo Stansall, a commissioning editor, acquired world rights from Araminta Whiley at The Soho Agency. The essential guidebook for understanding climate change and the earth will be published on 7.ThJuly 2022.

Siegle is the ObserverAnd GuardianObserver founder and columnist for ethical living 2005 Ethical Awards. She is also the resident environment expert on “The One Show”; she co-founded the Green Carpet Challenge with Livia firth to address fashion industry consumption and sustainability.

Siegles book is designed to inspire change and show how we can all make a difference on the planet. It breaks down climate crisis into 10 topics such as recycling, food, and green tourism. Each section contains thought-provoking and entertaining questions that help to link earth science to action, thereby helping to understand the environmental problems we face.

Stansall stated that Lucy’s knowledge of the current state and future of the planet is unmatched. Her energy and compassion are infectious. This book is vital, but also very positive. It will encourage you to think deeply and go the extra mile in order to achieve your climate and nature goals.

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Siegle said: I am passionate about the planet and the way we talk about climate change and the nature crisis. Quizzes are a great way to learn and to debate across generations. And I do love a quiz. Readers will need to increase their knowledge and have a deep empathy for the planet in order to win the Ultimate Friend of the Earth title. Participating in the Ultimate Friend of the Earth program will make you a better citizen of the planet.

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