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The Day – The war against the environment is going well!

The Day – The war against the environment is going well!

The editorial page in Tuesday’s paper reminded me of a bumper sticker I saw the other day: “On the other hand, the war on the environment is going well!”

We begin with the cartoon accusing the president of being the king of the planet, blaming him for raising the price of oil. It is absurd to believe he can control that. Furthermore, it is ridiculous to think he opened the tap on our federal oil reserves to keep the people happy. True, but hypocritical. Unfortunately, this cartoon only adds fuel to the fire.

Next, we read an editorial (“Does $3 billion really need to be spent on trees in cities?” The money allocated to planting trees in cities will improve the quality of the lives of all those who live there, whining. So what’s the problem with beautifying the place a little? Are pleasant, shaded streets only for the well-off? All of us need trees. The whole planet needs more trees. This is a great way to address a variety of problems with a pleasant approach. Even Republican cities reap the benefits of reduced crime, energy consumption, and better runoff control.

As the bumper sticker said…

Mariette Brown

Old Saybrook

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