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The environment should not be sacrificed for development

The environment should not be sacrificed for development

The Lower Dibang Valley District environmental activist has accused National Highways & Infrastructure Development Corporation Limited of haphazardly dumping muck, debris, and other materials while constructing NH 313 The highway NH 313, a two-lane highway, will connect the headquarters for the Lower Dibang Valley District Roing and the headquarters for Dibang Valley District Anini. Two districts have raised concerns over the contractor’s haphazard dumping since the project began. This is causing a lot of harm to the surrounding environment. The Dibang Valley district is rich in fauna and flora.

Unfortunately, the highway’s haphazard construction is causing serious damage to the local fauna and flora. Citizens from Dibang Valley district raised their voices against the unprofessional way that the NHIDCL used while dumping waste. This should be a wake-up call for the rest. There are many road projects, including rural roads and national highways. Across the state, a variety of road projects including rural roads and national highways are being undertaken. It is clear that contractors for the PMGSY roads projects don’t follow the environment norms. This causes severe damage to the natural environment. Development should not be costly for an ecologically fragile state such as Arunachal Pradesh. Both must be balanced.

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