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The environment’s endocrine disruptors (2)
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The environment’s endocrine disruptors (2)

According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), unintentional poisonings cause death of approximately 355,000 people each year.

Two-thirds (or more) of these deaths are in developing countries. These poisonings are strongly associated with excessive exposure to toxic chemicals and their inappropriate use.

These are the top six environmental toxins you need to avoid

  1. Pesticides can be found on non-organic fruits, vegetables, meat, milk, and unfiltered water.
  2. Formaldehyde is found in deodorants, air fresheners and floor polishes, as well as upholstery cleaners.
  3. Bisphenols can be found in plastic containers.
  4. Organic solvents: These are petroleum-based liquids used in electronics, household products and health care. Dry-cleaning chemicals and paint fumes are just a few examples. It is not dangerous to be exposed to toxic chemicals occasionally. A prolonged accumulation of these chemicals is a concern.
  5. Unfiltered tap water is not recommended. Our waterways are continually polluted by industrial waste, byproducts and pharmaceutical drugs, pesticides and herbicides, as well as commercial cleaning products. No matter where we live, many companies pollute the water. Either the law is not applicable to the situation, or loopholes exist in the law.
  6. Heavy metals are the most prevalent reprotoxins that reach our water supply via industrial waste, jet fuel exhaust residue and other sources.

You can find pharmaceutical drugs in tap water. Seventy-four% of the US population is prescribed drugs. Because the drugs are not fully metabolized, small amounts of them are excreted via feces/urinalysis and flushed out. Toilet water is often treated before it is discharged into rivers and lakes. This allows for re-entry to the water supply. Many drugs are not filtered through normal filtration. Tap water has been found to contain tiny amounts of contraceptives, chemotherapy drugs, hormone replacement therapy (HRT), heart drugs, and other drugs.

Use a dual filtration system. Double filtration water systems that filter particles smaller than 1 micron are recommended. This will remove drugs and heavy metals. The filter can be used in both your shower and kitchen. Shower steam can contain the same chemicals that you can inhale and absorb through your skin.

You should eat a healthy, balanced diet to achieve your fertility goals

During the first trimester of pregnancy, your growing embryo will expand 20 million times. Your baby’s organs, hands and fingers, legs, feet and head, as well as its nose, ears, nose, eyes, and nose, are all being built in the first eight weeks. You want to ensure that the foundations are as strong as possible during this period. Make sure you have enough nutrients in the right amounts. You should remove any skin contaminated with heavy metals and toxins from fish you are planning to eat.

What is a fertility diet?

The best fertility diet is not about what to omit but what to include. A fertility diet should be as fresh and organic as possible. Good fats and high quality protein (favorable vegetable sources) are key components.

What should you eat

Organic meat in small quantities, deep-sea fish such as sardines or red snapper, and organic legumes home-cooked (not canned).

Whole grains, nuts and seeds, as well as vegetables and fruits in season, organic whenever possible.

Avoid dangerous fats by increasing your intake of good fats. Monounsaturated fats found in olive oil, monounsaturated oils in oily fish and nuts, as well as mid-chain fatty acid found in coconut oil, are all good fats.

Coconut oil and palm kernel oil are good choices for cooking because they are stable when heated.

For non-heated oil requirements, such as salads, etc.Use cold-pressed olive or flaxseed oil and nut oils.

Avoid dangerous fats

Did you know that trans fats in foods like doughnuts, biscuits and lollies, chocolate chips, chips, chocolate, candy, chocolate and chips can increase your risk of infertility by as much as 70%? Harvard University School of Public Health has advised women who are trying to conceive to avoid trans fats.

Trans fats are only added to food to prolong its shelf life. You can reduce your intake of trans fats by being diligent about reading the ingredients and avoiding the most likely culprits. Trans fats can be listed as either hydrogenated fat, hardened vegetables fat, or only as vegetable fat.

Minimise animal-derived estrogens

Dairy products account for between 60 and 70% of the estrogens consumed. When cows’ estrogen levels are high, milk from cows is consumed by humans in the second half. We often associate dairy and drinking dairy with calcium. However, we do not think about what other foods we may be eating along with the calcium. Here’s a list containing hormones from cow’s milk:

Prolactin. Somatostatin. Melatonin. Oxytocin. Growth hormone. Luteinizing releasinghormone. Thyroid-stimulatinghormone. Estrogens. Progesterone. Insulin. Corticosteroids.

Are you concerned that excessive intake of these hormones could cause hormonal imbalance? You bet! There have been some cases of male infertility linked to the use of milk. Excessive estrogen or pesticide exposure has been linked to PCOS, Endometriosis, and other conditions. Studies have shown higher levels of pesticides in cheese as compared to non-organically grown fruits and vegetables. I recommend that Endometriosis and PCOS be treated with naturopathic treatments. Endocrine disruptors are high levels of hormones, pesticides and herbicides in animal products. They can disrupt your hormones and cause anovulation. In Nigeria, coconut milk, Tigger nuts milk, and many other excellent quality products are available.

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