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The Vineyard Gazette — Martha’s Vineyard News

The Vineyard Gazette - Martha's Vineyard News

The regional high school hosted the 23rd annual science fair. It attracted 16 students. There were many projects that focused on protecting the environment.

In a wind turbine challenge, twenty four students from physics participated in 10 teams.

Huck Moore won for his project to remove carbon dioxide from seawater using electric charges.

Jessie Dlabaj, and Lily Sebastian, studied tick diseases.

Mark Alan Lovewell

Maia Donnelly was awarded first place in the investigative section for her research on the effects activated charcoal and hydrogen oxide on polluted waters. Daniel Serpa was second in the investigative category. He tested straw insulation as an alternative for polystyrene.

Kinley Rinzin, a member of the engineering division won first prize for her creation of a sandbox.

Protective metal ring that makes vegetables, fruits, and meat easier to cut. Jacob Riis was second in the engineering section for his seasaw upweller, which moves oyster spat through water without power.

Jessie Dlabaj and Lily Sebastian, Daniel Serpa and Caroline Kelleher competed in the Region V Massachusetts Science and Engineering Fair, which was held virtually on March 5. Jessie, Lily and Maia Donnelly compete in the State Massachusetts Science and Engineering Fair May 5 and 6.

Aidan Ziegenhorn studied soil pH and pea plants.

Mark Alan Lovewell

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Check out the full list of winners

Grand Prize: HuckMoore, Removing CO2 from seawater using electrical charges. Maia Donnelly won the Dr. James H. Porter/Tisbury Waterway Inc. Award. 2nd Place Investigative: Daniel Serpa, An Investigation Into Activated Charcoal & Hydrogen Peroxide Effects on Polluted Water Samples At Different Time Intervals. 3rd place Investigative: Edward Cherry, How rising sea surface temperatures in Cape Cod Bay Impact the cold Stunning Phetype of SEAsaw Upweller Scaled-down Prototype. Clara Dow and Kayla Dow, Recycled Reversible Clothing. 3r Engineering, Kayla Dow and Kayla Cabral and Kayla

Students in Physics tested a wind turbine (Jack Crawford, pictured).

Mark Alan Lovewell

Sheriff’s Meadow Foundation Award, Daniel Serpa, Constructing Straw Insulation as an Alternative to Harmful Polystyrene; Island Grown Initiative Award, Aidan Ziegenhorn, Effects of Soil Acidity on plants; Marine and Paleobiological Research Institute (MRPI) Award, Jessie Dlabaj and Lily Sebastian, Testing MV Ticks for Borrelia and Babesia Microti; Martha’s Vineyard Surfcasters Association Award, Jacob Riis, SEAsaw Upweller Scaled-down Prototype; Sustainability Award sponsored by The Munn Family, Clara Cabral and Kayla Dow, Recycled Reversible Clothing; Lagoon Pond Association Award, Quinlan Slavin, The Effect of Carbon Dioxide on the pH of Seawater; Martha’s Vineyard Shellfish Group Award, Huck Moore, Removing CO2 in Seawater Through Electrical Charges; Earth Science Award, Jacksun Engler, Farming in Today’s world; Biology Award, Zachary Utz, The Effects of Antibiotics on Beneficial Gut Bacteria; Physics Award, Lily Moran and Laiza Miller, Healthy Frozen Snack Alternative; Chemistry Award, Owen Kiernan, Ocean Acidity; Technology Award, Brook Ward and Violet MacPhail, Engineering a Natural and Plant-Based Fabric Dye; Wind Turbine Results, Direct Drive Turbines: (1) Filippo Mucci, (2)Gabriella DeBlase and Genevieve Hyland, (3) Linus Munn and Daniel Serpa; Geared Drive Turbines (1) Jack Walsh and Henry Kyburg-Abbott, (2) Nellie Long, Oliver Lively and Rayssa DeOliveira, (3) Jack Crawford, Annabelle Brothers, and Simon Hammarlund.

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