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The winner must work for the environment.
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The winner must work for the environment.

Whoever wins must work for environment: NGOs to candidates

NGOs that work for environmental conservation have written to 930 of the 1,304 candidates in Punjab’s assembly elections. The whoever wins must make environment a priority for the next five-years.

18 non-governmental organisations (NGOs), which work for environmental conservation through education or awareness, have written to 930 candidates for assembly elections in Punjab. The winner must work for the environment over the next five year.

We are writing to you on behalf a number of civil society organisations and thousands working for environment conservation in Punjab. As you all know, the state is facing severe environmental challenges. Our underground water is decreasing, rivers are polluted, and air quality remains poor. We have the lowest amount of forest cover in all states, and our cities are overflowing, NGOs stated.

In Punjab, a large number of environmental-loving citizens and non-governmental organizations have raised their voices to call on all political parties to make the environment the main issue in their manifestos. The NGOs reported that several civil society organizations had prepared and distributed green manifestos describing the problems and solutions faced by Punjabi environmental issues and handed them to candidates and parties in Punjab.

The environment is a problem that affects everyone. We all need to be concerned about the grim environmental future of the current and future generations of Punjab. Gurpreet Singh Chandbaja is the president of Bhai Ghanayia Cancer Roko Seva Society. He stated that everyone should be involved in environmental conservation efforts over the next five-years.

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