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There is no planet B. So what’s the plan? – Environment

There is no planet B. So what’s the plan? – Environment

No Planet B, So What's The Plan? - Environment


There is no Planet B. What’s the Plan?

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Reflections from our recent Senior Leadership Forum.

We all know that we should do something about it.
We all want to do something about it.
It can feel like another one: climate change and environmental impacts
Many charities face an uphill battle to survive. The scale
Some of it is because of the constant information and the subject.
Contrary, confusing, can be overwhelming.

Where do I start?

Individuals have many options online to find information.
It can be useful to assess one’s own environmental footprint.
tool to engage volunteers, staff, and beneficiaries at the beginning of
The sustainability journey of an organisation.

There are many changes or initiatives that can be made, but they don’t all have to be this.
Discussions have been enriched by significant input, both financial and time-based.
It has been shown that small changes can make a big difference and can be done faster.
It is easier to implement.


It can be useful to speak with others in the same industry.
It can sometimes feel like organizations are being pitted
Rather than fighting each other, work together when governance is possible
Sharing best practices can result in outcomes that you may not have otherwise
Separately, it was possible.

Communications with beneficiaries and supporters will see a smaller change.
It is possible to have a surprising impact on stakeholders and the entire organization. For
For example, if there is a choice (perhaps in transport terms),
Options or on a caf meal), putting the more sustainable
Option 1 can cause a change in thinking in the reader.


Contracting organizations and grant funders are becoming more prominent
To be able to provide evidence of sustainability practices and/or social responsibility
Impact as part of their procurement or application processes
Many charities are being forced to quickly move with these initiatives.
However, it is important to find the right sources of funding for green projects.
Initiatives or investments in more sustainable options to support a charity
It can be difficult. It seems that such funding spreads across or forms small groups.
Instead of centralised options, parts of other funds can be used instead
Being available.

See Also

And last but not least

Sustainability and combating climate change are ongoing efforts.
Continually improving exercise. As senior leaders, you must also be able to
It is important to recognize when initiatives are successful in the future.
been implemented successfully.

This article is intended as a general overview.
guide to the subject matter It is a good idea to seek specialist advice
Discuss your particular circumstances.


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