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Tip: How to report better on the climate crisis

Tip: How to report better on the climate crisis

Climate change

Climate change

Credit: catazulFrom Pixabay

Stories about the climate crisis are part of every beat, whether it’s stories about people who have been forced from their homes by natural disasters or changes to the global economy.

To help journalists better understand the crisis, The International Center for Journalists organized a webinar featuring a stellar line-up of journalists. The Washington Post, Bloomberg and NPR.. They discussed the most important aspects that we should pay attention to when reporting about this topic. Devin Windelspecht, writer, summarized them. In this article.

“Reminding readers of how people today are experiencing those impacts and whose lives are devastated by it is a really important part of the story — stepping away from just numbers and facts and really trying to tug at people’s heartstrings,” said Yessenia Funes, the climate director at Atmos, quoted in the piece.

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