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Trump EPA Chief’s Bid for Top Virginia Environmental Post Likely Doomed
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Trump EPA Chief’s Bid for Top Virginia Environmental Post Likely Doomed

Virginia Democratic state senators are signaling their support for Andrew Wheeler by indicating that they have the votes. Donald TrumpThe controversial second head of Environmental Protection Agency, and a former coal lobbyist. He was elected the state’s top environmental official.

Newly-sworn in Virginia governor. Glenn Youngkin (R), announced earlier this month that Wheeler was his secretary of natural resources. This decision angered Democratic lawmakers as well as environmental groups.

A slim 21-19 Democratic majority is held in the Virginia Senate. This means that a party line vote would be enough to sink Wheelers nomination. Lt. Gov. would be elected if Wheeler is supported only by one Democrat. Winsome Earles-Sears (a Republican) would cast the tiebreaking votes.

R. Creigh Deeds (D), is the chair of the committee that reviews gubernatorial nominations and submits resolutions to confirm their appointments. In A statementHe noted late last week that he did not expect Wheelers to be nominated.

Deeds said Monday that she believes the Democratic caucus has a lot of unity.

Deeds stated that he and his coworkers read with great interest the detailed reports of constituents in addition to answering phone calls. LetterMore than 150 former EPA employees were sent this month. The group detailed Wheelers’ records at the agency and accused Wheelers of following an extremist approach to protecting the environment and public health. Instead, they favored polluters.

Deeds stated, “They provided a lot more information than I know how you can refute.” Wheeler claims he can refute it, but that’s not the truth. I believe he is talking to the Democratic members. That’s what I suggested. Everyone is an independent thinker.

Deeds and Wheeler spoke on the phone shortly after Wheeler’s nomination, and they later met in Deeds’ office, the state senator stated. Deeds said to the ex-Trump official on both occasions that he expected Democrats would reject his nomination.

Deeds said that she believes in working together with the governor and with the House whenever possible. We will stand firm where we can’t. We are not going to back on anything and this nomination would be a backward step.

Multiple OtherDemocratic state senators, which includes some of the caucus’ more moderate members, have Voiced concernAbout Wheeler or outright opposition. Some, like Deeds have expressed their confidence in defeating the nomination.

We do, state Senator Joe Morrissey(D) SubmittedWhen asked by The Hill if his party had enough votes in order to block Wheeler, The Hill replied that they did not.

Virginia governors’ cabinet picks usually pass confirmation. The Virginia General Assembly had previously blocked a nomination in 2006 when Republicans rejected a Democratic governor. Tim KainesNomination of Daniel LeBlanc as secretary of commonwealth by The New York Times reported.

Fresh from his tenure in Trump’s administration, Wheeler was a key player in rolling back climate and environmental rules. This has proved to be a contentious choice for a strong state environmental position. As HuffPost first reportedLast week, many current EPA staffers reacted violently against their former boss.

Marie Owens Powell is president of AFGE Council 238, a union representing more than 7,500 EPA employees across the country. She stated that Wheeler destroyed and weakened dozens environmental safeguards at EPA in an effort to increase profit margins for polluting industries.

Owens Powell wrote to Virginia state senators, “We believe he will do it again”

Youngkins office didn’t respond to a request to comment Monday. HuffPost was referred to a previous governor’s office last week by the governors office. InterviewYoungkin worked with WTVR-TV Richmond, where he called Wheeler “the most qualified person for the job.”

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