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Turkeys Senkaya Bus | Environment

Turkeys Senkaya Bus | Environment

From: Al Jazeera World

A bus traveling through the mountains of eastern Turkey reveals the remote communities, lives, and environments.

An all-weather bus service is lifeline for the mountain villages of eastern Turkey.

The minibus service is available even when temperatures drop below minus 35° Celsius (-31° Fahrenheit). Regular passengers travel to Senkaya, despite the treacherous roads. This trip allows close-knit friends to chat, bond, and discuss their lives.

This remote bus service also shows local environmental changes. The snowfall has decreased, which used to be a good thing for the soil, but it is now harder to farm the ground, threatening livelihoods.

Turkey’s Senkaya Bus gives us an inside look at the communities, cultures, and environmental changes in eastern Turkey.

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