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U3A launches a new group to study the environment in Midhurst

U3A launches a new group to study the environment in Midhurst

Philip Watts, vice-chairman of the group, stated that they encourage local (non-political) action such as learning how you can reduce plastic waste at your home.

We also plan on learning more about the wide range of issues that impact Climate Change and ways we can help reduce its effects. These include a presentation of all the new technologies currently in development, their expected timetables and costs, as well as a talk from one our members on ecology, global warming, and based on the pioneering work of Imperial College in London.

The group will also visit relevant locations. They have already visited Petworth’s Beam Engine.

Midhurst U3A

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What is the U3A, and how can you get involved with Midhurst

The University of the Third Age Midhurst U3A has 330 members. It covers everything, from Spanish to crafts and church visits.

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Philip said that he was urged to lead the new group by several members who attended a meeting of a discussion group.

Although we started this issue before Cop 26, it is now receiving much more input. Many of our members view climate change as a long-term existential threat.

U3A is an international organization whose goals are to educate and stimulate mainly retired members.

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