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Vice President commends Lakshadweep on developing tourism in tandem and protecting the environment- The New Indian Express

Vice President commends Lakshadweep on developing tourism in tandem and protecting the environment- The New Indian Express

By Express News Service

KOCHI: M Venkaiah Naidu, Vice President of India, gave a congratulatory pat on the back to the Lakshadweep administration as well as residents for their efforts to promote responsible tourism. He praised the administration for their efforts to preserve the coast environment and promote tourism development.

The VP posted on FB, “I particularly appreciate the contribution of Lakshadeep in maintaining these islands clean and tidy.” According to me, Lakshadweep is moving rapidly towards a goal of 100 percent green energy within the next two-years. I am proud of the administration’s commitment to the protection and enhancement of the environment. He wrote about Lakshadweep’s gentle beauty.

“The island’s natural beauty makes it a tourist attraction. The Union Territory Lakshadweep has carefully considered the compromise between tourism development, and environmental protection. Lakshadweep’s example should be emulated by other tourist destinations and encourage environmental tourism. While traveling, I urge tourists to be sensitive about the happiness and environment of local residents.

Naidu was visiting Lakshadweep on a three day visit to attend various events at Androth and Kadmat islands. The visit lasted for two days. “For the last two nights, my mind was overwhelmed by the incredible island of Lakshadweep, an incomparable, captivating beauty of India. He wrote. The VP greeted the New Year on the Islands.

“I spent three days on an official tour and stayed on the stunning island of Bangaram. The bay that glows in the darkest hours is bio-lit, which was amazing to me. The blue light is caused by biological elements in the water. He expressed concern over the natural calamities caused by climate change.

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“We all recognize that climate change has already begun and that the side effects of global heating are already visible. Rising seawater levels and the increasing number of hurricanes and storms, as well as flooding and erosion of coastlines, are all threats to islanders. It would be a huge injustice that these small islands have the need to suffer the carelessness and neglect of big countries,” stated the VP. “Due to special geographical conditions, Lakshadweep’s education sector has to face many challenges. Naidu wrote that despite these difficulties, Lakshadweep’s literacy rates are among the highest in the country.

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