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Violations of the environment

Violations of the environment

The environment is being raped by indiscriminate logging, dumping toxic wastes, pollution and burning of fossil fuels (carbon Monoxide poisoning), and unbridled infrastructure, dwellings and dwellings development. This poses a threat to all species on this planet.

Unrestricted infrastructure, residential developments, and wanton logging all contribute to the loss of forest cover, erosion, and pollution of the river, which in turn leads to flooding.

It also threatens the habitat of fauna, which is dependent upon the flora.

These disasters have been caused by greed and arrogance by humans, who forget that they are not the only ones living on this planet.

They share it with other animals, including reptiles and birds, as well as insects.

This delicate ecosystem was created to ensure a sustainable existence.

Man, the thinking animal with critical faculties is ignorant of the intricate and complex design of our existence.

Not realizing that by destroying or mutilating a portion of this existence it would cause physical reactions and microbial reactions that could threaten the entire chain of existence.

Human greed and avarice prioritize short-term and immediate gains at the expense a sustainable future.

Even the development and application of new technologies to mitigate the effects of such destructive human activities could only delay the cataclysmic end of the planet and thus our existence.

Humans are the most selfish species on the planet, as they don’t pay much attention to the needs of other people or their own.

Already the signs are on the wall that humans are contributing to their impending doom: climate change, the loss or reduction of forest cover, ozone depletion, air pollution due to industrial emissions and burning fossil fuels, and water pollution as a result untreated waste and plastic waste being discharged onto land and sea.

The water we drink and the air we breathe are the two main elements that determine our survival.

The state of the environment directly affects the availability of fresh water.

The supply of potable drinking water would be affected if the catchment areas are depleted.

Climate change could also alter rainfall patterns, which could adversely impact the supply of water.

The supply of water is affected by a changing rainfall pattern. This can be caused by factors such as the La Nina current, which can lead to excessive rainfalls or draught.

All living things on the planet require water as an essential ingredient.

Without water, the earth and its inhabitants will die.

This is why it is important to make a concerted effort for water sustainability for everyone.

Also, without air, we will never know what life is like. Our health is affected not only by the quality of the air we inhale, but also by the quantity of air we take in.

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However, pollution from industry and urbanization has led to numerous health problems.

The loss of forest cover, which cleans the air, has worsened the problem. Furthermore, the deterioration in the ozone layer caused by the release of manufactured chemicals such as chlorofluorocarbons can cause serious health problems.

The current attempts to harness clean energy have not helped to reduce air pollution.

Humanity is at a crossroads of survival and extinction.

Continued rape on the environment will eventually lead to its destruction.

We must create a sustainable regenerative ecosystem to survive it. This includes conservation and preservation depletable natural resources and the development of new technologies that allow faster regeneration, minimize wastage, and enable the recycling and reuse of man-made materials into functional non-toxic materials.

These technologies and regenerative initiatives should not be limited to rich and developed countries. They should be shared equally among the rest.

If we don’t protect the environment and ensure its sustainability we will be doomed for extinction.

Mohamed Ghouse Nasuruddin, a professor at the Centre for Policy Research and International Studies of Universiti Sains Malaysia (Penang), is Comments:

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