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Volvo Signs Up For 25 More Electric Trucks – Europe’s Largest Logistic Company

Volvo Signs Up For 25 More Electric Trucks – Europe’s Largest Logistic Company

Europe's Largest Logistics Company Taps Volvo For 25 More Electric Trucks
(Credit: DFDS)

Wednesday saw the announcement that DFDS (Europe’s largest shipping company and logistics company) placed an order for 25 additional heavy electric trucks from Volvo Trucks, AB Volvos Sweden-based truck manufacturing division. This order is an extension of DFDSs. Record-breaking order of 100 Volvo FM electric trucksFor a total of 125, it was made in October.

Volvo will start delivering the trucks in Q4 2022. They will be used for transports by DFDS in Europe’s logistics system.

The Volvo FM electric truck is capable of traveling more than 300 miles on one charge. The fast-charging infrastructure of the Volvo FM electric truck allows drivers to recharge in as little time as it takes for a lunch break. View the full list of specs Here.

Volvo Trucks began production of electric trucks in 2019 and now has six models. Volvo Trucks also holds a 40% market share in Europe for heavy (16+-tonne) trucks.

Fleet electrification offers many benefits and advantages.

  • Lower maintenance costs
  • Cheaper fueling.
  • Good PR.
  • Prepare for the upcoming environmental regulations
  • The ability to meet growing customer demand.
  • Contributing to the fight against climate change

Niklas Andersson is Executive Vice President and Head, Logistics Division at DFDS.

Green investments in heavy transportation are a prerequisite to achieving the emission reductions required for DFDS and our customers as well as society in general. DFDS is able to offer more low-emission transportation solutions through its partnership with Volvo Trucks. These solutions are already in high demand. We believe such investments will increase demand for green infrastructure solutions throughout Europe.

Roger Alm, Volvo Trucks President, echoed these sentiments, commenting.

We are very proud of the fact that transporters can now offer electric and sustainable transports. This is very encouraging both for Volvo Trucks and for our customers.

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