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Wanga appeals to women aspirants for a safe environment

Wanga appeals to women aspirants for a safe environment

Gladys Wanga, Homa Bay woman representative wants women to have a supportive environment in order to vote in the general elections.

Wanga stated that women face difficulties because of gender bias when they try to run for political office.

She said that women need a safe place to live.

Wanga spoke on Thursday in Karabondi, when she was endorsed for the Homa Bay gubernatorial Seat by Karachuonyo elders professionals and elders.

According to the legislator, a woman who wants to contest an electoral seat in which she was born is advised to get married and to contest in her husband’s ancestral constituency.

She said that a married woman should contest the seat in her parent’s constituency.

Women find it difficult to run for elective positions. People with ill intent keep shaming them from all sides. Wanga said that we need an equal playing field to avoid discrimination.

The female representative, who was accompanied more than 20 Homa Bay MCAs, asked residents to rate aspirants based upon their leadership qualities rather than their gender.

The MCAs were headed by Julius Gaya, Sophie Koweje (nominated), and Nicholas Owaka (Kologi).

Wanga stated that she is one of the female leaders who has overcome discrimination from some men in society.

She thanked professionals and elders for their support.

She said that discrimination may continue to prevent many women from coming out.

Wanga was given a key and a few household items by elders Magai Joyo and Priscilla Koyo during the event to embrace and feel confident in her leadership.

She also promised to fight corruption, improve healthcare, and be elected governor next time.

She stated that her leadership will provide medical insurance for vulnerable families to ensure that everyone can access health services.

Wanga stated that agriculture is the backbone to the economy and that my leadership will empower farmers with inputs to improve food security.

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Jonyo, Koyo, and the professional Solomon Obiero stated that they endorsed Wanga because of her qualifications as a governor.

The Luo culture has been honored with the gift of the power instruments. Jonyo stated that they are a sign to her of blessings.

Koyo asked Homa Bay residents for support for Wanga in order to allow a woman to succeed Governor Cyprian Anwiti.

She stated that women have the potential to excel both in numbers and in knowledge.

Gaya and Owaka, MCAs, asked men to refrain from chauvinistic behavior in political seat competitions.

Gaya said that it was time for men to stop making retrogressive statements in order to suppress their female opponents.

Edited by Kiilu Darmaris

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