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Watchman killed in the rains of TN’s Erode

Watchman killed in the rains of TN’s Erode

Police claimed that a tree fell on a 58 year-old watchman, triggering heavy rains in Tamil Nadu’s Erode region.

A drumstick tree fell on Karuppasamy (a Tirupathur native) on Saturday night, as a result of heavy rains and winds. He was instantly killed.

According to police, the watchman arrived in Erode a few month ago and was working as an observer at a vacant land in Vairapalayam (a suburb of Erode).

Karuppasamy was cleaning vessels from under a tree during the downpour. The gale caused the tree to become rooted, and Karuppasamy was crushed to the ground.

Karuppasamy’s son tried calling him on his mobile phone, but no one answered. The son informed Karuppasamy’s land owner. Karuppasamy, who was later found dead under the tree, was later found dead on Sunday morning. Karungalpalayam Police was notified by the father. They opened an investigation and registered a case of accidental death due to rain.

Saturday’s rainfall in Erode was 135 millimetres

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