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Wellingborough climate crisis project awarded £20,000 for green solutions

Wellingborough climate crisis project awarded £20,000 for green solutions

Members of a Wellingborough charity and community activists are celebrating after being awarded just over £20,000 by North Northants Council (NNC) from its Recovery and Innovation fund.

The funding will be used to help residents, community groups, and local businesses to work together to address the many challenges posed by climate change.

Glamis Hall for All will make use of the grant to run a variety of community events, practical actions, and training sessions to help people, community groups, and businesses better understand climate change and other environmental challenges.

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Marion Turner-Hawes

Heather Saunders, Glamis Hall’s chair of trustees, said: “We are deeply concerned about the lack of action regarding climate change locally and want to work with others across Wellingborough to kick start local action and learning, helping us work out how we can respond in positive ways to the enormous challenges we face.

“We take pride in our partnership with many community groups in order to make a difference in people’s lives in all areas. One such partnership was with Wellingborough Eco Group, Wellie Wombles. They regularly support their weekly litter picks and host the Wellingborough Repair Cafe, Swap Shop, and help struggling families access food that would otherwise go to landfill.

Glamis Hall for All has no problem taking on big challenges. It was born out of community action to save the day center from closing in 2014.

Since then, the community-run centre has grown in strength and support for many families as well as older residents. They also play a significant role helping many thousands of residents in need during the most difficult Covid times.

Glamis Hall For All

Glamis Hall for All has transformed the way they do business and is now determined to help the local community.

Ms. Saunders said that “When we started we wanted to make the world as green as possible.” Solar power is now generated by panels on our roof. This helps reduce our energy bills and also powers six electric/hybrid vehicles – which are funded by a National Lottery Power to Change grant. These cars transport centre users to and fro.

“We are delighted by the results and want do more for our charity as well as to help others locally. Glamis Hall and Wellingborough Eco Group, its partners, jumped at an opportunity to apply to funds to offer a variety of learning and activities to support us in our important work.

“With new gas heating boilers set to be phased out by 2030, and petrol/diesel cars quickly becoming a thing past, it is urgent to address these issues.”

The project includes a range of activities, including climate conversations and workshops, on topics such as how we heat our homes and how we travel with low carbon. There will also be training in Carbon Literacy and learning how to’map’ carbon footprints.

Business and residents will have the opportunity to hear from experts on topics such local renewable energy generation and how to eat sustainably. They can also learn how to modify homes and businesses to adapt for the many climate-related consequences, such increased flooding.

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Marion Turner-Hawes is the project manager. She said, “I’m thrilled because it’s an excellent start for the town. It will lay the foundations and act as a template for other towns in future.”

“There will be many opportunities for practical action, and this can be done individually or by an organisation or even by street or block.

“We also plan on exploring how residents from BAME communities, as well as residents with low incomes, can upgrade their homes with energy options and save money. This will help us all make the transition to more affordable and rewarding lives.

“If anyone would like to share their climate change efforts, either as a church or a community group, please get in touch. Or, if you’d like to be part of the conversation, contact me.

Ms Saunders said that the project was an exciting opportunity, and just a beginning for the town. She added: “This is an exciting chance and just a starting point for the town. We hope to work with local council and many other partners and people to make it a success. Anyone interested in this project, including residents, community groups, organizations, and businesses, is invited to contact us.

Marion Turner-Hawes, the project manager, can be reached at [email protected]Call 07584 350308.

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