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Whale watching season begins in 2022

Whale watching season begins in 2022

TheMinistry of Environment and Natural ResourcesOfficially began the humpback whale-watching season (Megaptera Novaeangliae), 2022 with the signing of anInter-institutional AgreementThis will ensure the proper development and will also propose improvements to Banco de la Plata’s management.Navidad,Additional to the Bay ofSamanTo protect human life and to ensure the conservation and protection the sanctuary as well as the species.

The season of observation of marine mammals, which has been baptized this year as: “A dance that perpetuates the species,” will run from thisSaturday, January 15, to Thursday, March 31,For the Bay of Saman, and until Friday April 15, for the Banco de La Plata (Puerto Plata).

Like last year’s, theEnvironmentThe observation season will be held under strict sanitary protocols to prevent the spread and spread of Covid-19.

The signing of Marine Mammal Observation Management Agreement2022was signed by Orlando Jorge Mera, Minister of Environment; the Ministry of Tourism; Ramn Gustavo Betances, Vice-Admiral of Navy; Nelson Antonio Nez, Mayor of Santa Brbara de Saman.

“This year with the day of visitation of the humpback whales, the Dominican Republic dresses again and we hope to have the help of Dominicans, Dominicans and tourists who can take advantage of this magnificent opportunity to see the humpback whales that come to mate here in this area,” saidOrlando Jorge Mera.

The Management Committee of theMarine Mammal SanctuaryBancos de La PlataLaNavidadformed to observe the whales and their visitors.

Anyone who wishes to take part in this humpback whale viewing season can do so between 8:00 AM and 4:00 PM.

The sanitary measures that are taken to protect theMinistry ofThe Environment has directed that all vessels must be re-disinfected as usual. You will also find allegorical signs to the Health Protocol to Prevent the Spread of Covid-19.

The same applies to boats.Dominican Armed ForcesThe guidelines below will help you determine the travel capacity of those who are able to travel.Ministry of HealthTo maintain physical distancing

Each captain of these ships must ensure that visitors are provided with disinfectant gel, take a temperature, and use a mask.

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All vessels operating within the observation areas must have a communication circle. When vessels are smaller than 30ft in length, all passengers must wear their lifeguards.

Another important point to protect the lives of these mammalian mammals is that all vessels must observe and comply with the regulations for the Observation of Marine Mammals ofBanks of La Plata & La Navidadand in the Bay of Saman as per the Management Plan of Marine Mammal Sanctuary Bancos de la Plata & La Navidad.

All boats entering the sanctuary are prohibited from making unnecessary engine sounds, smoke, or honking, during whale watching season.

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