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What’s in it for the environment?

What’s in it for the environment?

Accelerated coral bleaching in Great Barrier Reef (GBR), deadly floods for NSW and Queensland, and the ongoing rise in sea levels in Antarctica.

All have intensified protests against climate change across the country in recent weeks, with some even calling Prime Minister Scott Morrison to demand action ahead for tonight’s Federal Budget.

Queensland’s tourism industry is the biggest winner, with more than $12million in support. Treasurer Josh Frydenberg predicts that flood recovery support support will go beyond $6 billion.

The sixth coral bleaching event occurred in March at the GBR. Experts from UN Climate Change warned that Australia’s goal to achieve net zero emissions by 2050 is not enough to save this natural wonder.

The Morrison government has reaffirmed its $1 billion commitment to the Reef.

It has pledged an additional $12.4million to Queensland tourism operators in this years Budget to continue waiving environmental management fees and permit-related fees and charges for the 3rd year.

Sussan Ley, Environment Minister, stated that the new funding shows a clear commitment towards the protection of the Reef and the 64,000 Queenslanders who make up the Reef economy.

Assistance with flood recovery

The Federal Government has stated that it will continue to assist those affected by the February-March floods of NSW and Queensland.

Treasurer Josh Frydenberg stated that total support for families, farmers, small business, local governments, and their communities is expected exceed $6 billion.

The Morrison government referred to the two additional payments made by the Australian Government Disaster Recover Pay to residents living in disaster-affected areas.

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The Emergency Response Fund will provide $300 million in funding, with half going to Queensland and NSW’s recovery funds and post-disaster resilience initiatives.

The remaining half will go towards flood recovery in NSW’s Northern Rivers region.

While Antarctica continues to see rising sea levels, the Morrison government will spend this year’s budget on Australia’s leadership in Antarctica.

It has announced that it will invest $804.4 millions to assist marine science research, improve environmental protection and management, increase Australia’s strategic capability to conduct scientific and technological research in the region.

It will create over 100 direct jobs in Tasmania, Ms Ley said.

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