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Why is Earth Day observed on April 22nd, 2009? The origins of the environmental holiday

Why is Earth Day observed on April 22nd, 2009? The origins of the environmental holiday

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Today is Earth Day, which is celebrated all over the globe on April 22nd.

Every year, celebrated Earth DayThis raises awareness of the importance of protecting our world from environmental threats such as climate change, global warming, pollution, and global warming.

To ensure that people understand the importance and necessity of conserving our environment, there are various events on April 22nd: fundraising campaigns, environmental panels, social media support, and other events.

In 2022, the theme will be Invest in Our Planet. This theme encourages people to protect their health, families, and livelihoods by taking action on climate change.

Why is Earth Day celebrated every April 22nd? Continue reading to learn more about its history

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The first Earth Day suggestion

In 1969, peace activist John McConnell ParticipatedA UNESCO Conference in San Francisco, where he proposed a day of honouring the Earth and peace.

The idea was born during a time when automobile usage was rapidly increasing and factories were producing a lot of smoke.

Rachel Carsons published her New York Times Bestseller in 1962.Silent SpringThis book was sold over 500,000 copies, raising awareness about the need for public health and the protection of the environment.

John stated that the day should be observed on the first of spring in the northern part of the hemisphere, which would have been March 21st 1970. The United Nations however, approved the day in a letter.

Why it is observed April 22nd

A month later Senator Gaylord Nelson of Wisconsin proposed a nationwide environmental teacher-in to take place on April 22nd 1970.

He was concerned for the environment’s deterioration since childhood and convinced a number of Congressmen and government officials to join him.

The teach-in was scheduled to take place on campuses across America. The date of April 22nd was chosen to maximize student participation, as it falls between Spring Break and Final Exams.

They renamed it Earth Day, and protests grew beyond the classroom. More than 20 million people marched on the streets to protest.

The first Earth Day was a huge success with everyone participating, from Republicans and Democrats to rich and poor. Gaylord Nelson was also given the award.Presidential Medal of FreedomWe are grateful for his efforts.

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It was made international in 1990

The 1970 Earth Day remains the largest single-day protest in human History, but it was only within America.

1990 was a turning point when Denis Hayes became the original national coordinator and organized events around the globe.

The mobilization of 200 million people in 141 nations was staggering. Environmental issues were also made important for the very first time.

The Earth Day holiday was honored each year. However, some campaigns have been bigger, such as the Millennium Campaign in 2000, 2010 or 2016.

It is now one of the most well-known holidays, as people try to protect our planet.

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