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Why vultures are important for children and the environment – Miriam Longe

Why vultures are important for children and the environment – Miriam Longe

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Miriam Longe is a TV host and author who believes that vultures are primarily evil birds. However, they are also used in ritual. Miriam Longe says that vultures play an important role in maintaining a healthy ecosystem by their scavenging activities.

Longe, the author of children’s book Vulture to the rescue: the cleanup crew, spoke about the importance of vultures to the environment and the need for children to be educated about them in her book reading event on Friday in Lagos.

She explained that vultures are large birds which eat the remains and matter of dead animals.

As a Save vulture campaign ambassador Im meant to use my voice, whatever platform I have in my circle of influence to push and propagate the message of conservation, protection of our environment and vultures”,Longe said.

Research shows that vultures consume 25 million kilograms (25 000 tons) of meat per year.

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She stated that it was crucial to change the attitude and mindset of children towards this creature.

Longe stated, “If you really want to change someone’s mind, you should bring along their children.”

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She also suggested that the environment be taken seriously.

“It is important that we start to have this conversations with everyday people, in schools, at home, in the office, the way we have conversations about politics, and the way we have conversations about religion and weather.

The environment should be on that same list, we should talk about climate change and the things we are doing that is causing that, we should talk about the fact that we need to ditch plastic and pick up other sustainable materials, we should talk about growing plants and growing trees,” Longe said.

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