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Xbox and UK’s Environment Agency have launched Minecraft mode ‘Rivercraft’

Xbox and UK’s Environment Agency have launched Minecraft mode ‘Rivercraft’

Xbox [4,834 articles]” href=””>Xbox, Minecraft [166 articles]” href=””>Minecraft and the UK’s Environment Agency have jointly announced Rivercraft, a new mode in Minecraft: Education Edition that seeks to teach children about climate change.

Minecraft: Education Edition is a virtual learning environment based on the popular sandbox game.

Rivercraft, which launches today (April 5), is described as an “immersive virtual learning experience” based on the Environment Agencys 54.7M flood defence scheme in UK’s Preston and South Ribble. When complete, it will reduce flood risk to 4,700 houses.

According to Xbox Game Studios, (Microsoft). [1,925 articles]” href=””>Microsoft, the in-game Preston world is the First virtual learning activity that uses Artificial Intelligence for mapping a region and converting it into an interactive Minecraft Map.

The game requires students to establish flood defences in the virtual community, including natural flood management, walls, embankments, flood storage areas, and flood gates.

The experience will teach “the pros and cons of each approach and their suitability within local communities,” according to Microsoft.

Microsoft plans to make the mode universally available in multiple languages, so it can be used in both educational and private settings..

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“We know that people around the world love Minecraft, and so it is really rewarding for us to see Minecraft encouraging students to talk about and engage with environmental issues,” said Justin Edwards, Director of Learning Programmes, Minecraft.

He added: “The game provides an opportunity not just to get to know the flooding scheme in Ribble, but also understand real-world impact in a safe and fun way. The game shows how communities and not just individuals are affected. This project is a key part of our commitment to creating a better world by the power of play.