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You are wondering which dairy substitute is best for the environment.

You are wondering which dairy substitute is best for the environment.

Wondering which dairy alternative is best for the environment?

The effects of global warming are evident. We all want to reduce our carbon footprint and live more environmentally-friendly lives. There are many ways to live more sustainably. One popular option is to increase the amount of plant-based foods in our diet, such as oat milk.

According to the Good Food InstituteOat milk scores very high on sustainability metrics. Oat milk is low-emission and low-water-use beverage. Oat milk products are made from oats grown in colder regions, such as Canada and the northern US, which don’t depend on deforestation of developing countries.

Oats can be described as a miraculous food. They have very low environmental impact, reduce soil erosion, and lower the risk of developing plant diseases. Oats offer many other health and nutritional benefits than just their environmental benefits.

  • Oats have high levels of fibre, which can be beneficial for a healthy digestive system and digestion. They also strengthen the immune systems.
  • They are high in B vitamins, folate, and thiamine. These nutrients help your body process carbohydrates.
  • Oats replace saturated oils with unsaturated fats. This makes it a low-calorie dairy alternative.
  • Oak milk is great for your bones because it contains potassium, magnesium, and zinc which help to form and strengthen healthy bones

A Vancouver-based company called bettermoo(d). Bettermoo(d), which uses innovative technologies to create its plant-based alternatives, uses selected ingredients that best compliment the specific dairy substitute product being made. Bettermoo(d’s) products will contain the Company’s secret mixture of herbs. The company’s first product launch, Moodrink is an oat based beverage that they claim is as versatile as it is delicious.

bettermoo(d), a secret blend made of herbs and vegetables, combined it with organic oats to create Moodrink. It is deliciously smooth and low in sugar. It is dairy-free and can be used as an alternative to dairy in baking, cooking and cocktails. Moodrink can be used to make your morning coffee.

Bettermoo(d), a Canadian-born musician, even offered his support. Adams is a long-time vegan and he connected with the company via Instagram. He agreed to become a founding member of the company to help build and grow its brand and product lines.

Bryan Adams, an iconic Canadian musician, is one the founders of bettermoo (d), a Vancouver-based alternative to dairy.

The company will not only offer a traditional alternative for dairy milk but also offer specialty flavours like vanilla, matcha, chai and other flavors that can be used to enhance your drinks in a sustainable manner. Bettermoo(d), who are also working to launch: Moogurt, better (butter), cheese, ice cream, sourcream, and creme fraiche.

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There is no one solution to the global climate change effects. However, small changes such as switching to dairy alternatives are a great place to start. With innovative products like Moodrink it’s easy to make that change. to learn more. To test it out, you can order a free Moodrink trial package.

You can also follow the company via its social media channels.

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