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Youth Media Team learns how to work with Muri Environment care Group

Youth Media Team learns how to work with Muri Environment care Group

Youth Media Team learns the ropes with Muri Environment Care Group

Youth Media Team learns the ropes with Muri Environment Care Group
Tereora College Year 9-10 students are part of Muri Environment Groups Youth Media team. Jo Holley/22011402

A group of teens from Aroko gathered at the salt marsh to learn about marine biology and TV production.

A project of
Muri Environment Care Group (MEC), supported by the Ministry of Marine
Resources (MMR), Te Ipukarea Society, (TIS), is a place for youth to connect.
Let others know your thoughts and help spread awareness about environmental issues.
Remind us why we love the natural world and how we can help it thrive.
Create discussion through content production, media coverage.

The future belongs to
Our young people need us to open doors, tauturu, as mana tiaki
Mapu and encourage their imaginations to create.

Young people are
They are intelligent, educated, and highly opinionated. They are independent.
Narrative is a language that other youth can understand. It is valuable for them.
contribution to make. We know that young people in the Cook Islands are a significant part of the Cook Islands’ youth.
People have many ideas and experiences. 

We only need to
Create the platform for their voices, mentor them, and give
They will be able to use the tools and create a learning environment that is fun. Provide the tools and a fun learning environment.
A place for youth to share their views in a way that is not only positive but also constructive.
Helps us all, educates and also lifts them up.

Muri is the reason.
Environment Care
The Youth Media Team was established. The team will research current topics.
Attending environmental and marine sector events and shadowing experts and others
Passionate about the environment in the field, writing and producing articles
videos and photos from all channels, as well as sharing their messages.
Schools, TV, online and social media platforms.

And when it comes
Nothing beats the power of youth to spread environmental messages and inspire others.
Get out there with a curious mind and give it a try.
Sharing your awesome experience with others. 

This is exactly.
What we saw at Tereora College Year 9 & 10 last month at the
Pas Palace community nursery and again this week at the workshop with The
MMR leads a lagoon learning experience.

Follow these steps to
Presentation on marine species that students can expect.
Transects can be used to identify and record marine Invertebrates.

The information
The data can be used to monitor and possibly use the health of the marine environment.
Traditional leaders who assessed the need for raui.

We had budding
Presenters, marine biologists and sports players throughout the world.
To those who were interested in robotics, who took part in the experience walking
They leave with more knowledge, stories to tell their friends, and positive attitudes.
Attitudes about their future.

They received a real
Firsthand experience of MMR’s work and motivations.  Participants looked at what a healthy lifestyle looks like.
What the ocean looks like, which species they might encounter and how to do it.
for collecting invertebrate data. It was then handed to them to run it.
Transects, inspect along a 50-metre line, measure all species
They could see.

Maeva Feao, one participant, said:
It is good to know that there are many opportunities for environmental engineers.
There are many ways to help the environment, including collecting it.
Data is something I love. I enjoy science and collecting data.
It is important because it is important that we analyse it and gain a deeper understanding
Environment around us so that we can help.

One team
The data was collected, the other team was engaged as a volunteer and skilled media producer
Jo Holley, who encouraged the youths to cover the day workshop like a
Professional TV production team. The final product was broadcast on Cook Islands
This week’s television news! 

This was just a preview
Next week’s workshop will focus on the intricacies of the topic.
Outs of TV Production, where there’s a role to everyone from script writing
Directing, photography, social media and then getting the teams out
As the following:
official Youth Media Team.

Another participant
Koru McDonald said: Jo Holley, I would like to thank you for your teaching.
Learn more about production techniques.

The Muri
Environment Care Group wants young people to have more life-enhancing tools.
Experiences that will help you become a successful adult by:

  • Create an
    They have the opportunity to give back to their community and help others.
  • Teaching about responsibility
  • Create a space to
    Have lots of fun
  • Most importantly
    Empowering them and empowering them.
    They are an important voice in the community at all levels, from school to Anau.
    Rarotonga as well as internationally 

The Youth Media
They can take control of the company and create content they actually want with Team
Watch, to ensure that more youth are involved and empowered to help.
Environment issues. This will help us understand each other better.
You can work together, no matter where they are.

Mila Lyon said that they had a lot more fun looking out on the water.
It was a beautiful day. I am so excited to see what next year brings.
Holidays and if they offer more such programmes.

The MEC programme is designed to familiarize our youth with
The research and activities that mitigate the effects of climate changes
Muri and to increase their ability to communicate their findings with our

It was thrilling to see our young scientists and media gurus respond positively to the passion and professional skills shown by MMR staff members Stella, Bermie and Stella. Jo Holleys media skills were also impressive. Itirangi staff – Terena, Kate, and Terena from Te Ipukarea Society are also grateful for their contributions. They are as amazing as ever!

You can come to the Business HUB, behind ANZ, next Wednesday, January 19th at 9am to learn more about the fascinating world of film and television. Email [email protected] for more details.

Check out the MEC
Join our Facebook Page and become a Member!

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