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2021 Countdown: Water and Clean Energy, and the Environment
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2021 Countdown: Water and Clean Energy, and the Environment

2021 Countdown: Water and Clean Energy, and the Environment


December 26, 2021 

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2021 Accomplishments Countdown: Water, Clean Energy, and the Environment 

Governor Whitmer counts down until 2022 by highlighting Administration’s progress on 10 issues at the kitchen table that make a real difference in peoples lives 

LANSING, Mich. – The Whitmer-Gilchrist administration is counting down the last 10 days of 2021 by celebrating Michigan’s progress on 10 kitchen-table fundamental issues. Today we celebrate progress Michigan has made on protecting our water, environment, and climate.  

“Our waters define Michigan. The extraordinary Great Lakes surround us, providing water for millions, recreation and drinking water to millions of people. Governor Gretchen Whitmer. “I will always protect our waters-source to tap-for generations to come by defending the Great Lakes, ensuring every family has access to safe drinking water, putting Michigan on a path to a clean energy economy, and investing in Pure Michigan recreation and tourism.” 

“I deeply value Gov. Whitmer’s commitment towards outdoor recreation, and to protecting the economy and ecology our state’s resources natural and cultural resources, is something I deeply appreciate,” Whitmer said. Michigan Department of Natural Resources Director Dan Eichinger. “The governor’s proposal to invest $400 million in state and local parks represents a once-in a generation opportunity to address legacy issues across treasured recreational spaces. Her ongoing push to keep invasive carp from Lake Michigan addresses one the most serious threats to Michigan’s natural resource, the Great Lakes. These are steps that will ensure that Michigan’s natural resources are properly managed for our children, and their children. 

“Surrounded by 20% of the planet’s fresh surface water, Michigan has a special stewardship responsibility to ensure this tremendous resource is protected for generations to come,” said Department of Environment, Great Lakes, and Energy Director Liesl Clark. “We are so grateful that Governor Whitmer has prioritized water – along with other vital issues including carbon neutrality, environmental justice, transparency and accountability – as cornerstones of her agenda. The work underway on the MI Clean Water and MI Health Climate initiatives will pay dividends in a healthy quality of life for our children and grandchildren.” 

Get Things Done 

Governor Whitmer is committed defending the Great Lakes and leading the state to a clean energy future. He also addresses the impacts of climate changes on our communities. He also plans to create tens or thousands of jobs in the future industries. She knows that the health and well-being of our economy is directly linked to the health and well-being of our planet and people. She has invested more in water infrastructure since taking office than all five previous years combined. These investments support well-paid jobs and ensure that every parent can give their child a glass of water and know it’s safe. The MI Healthy Climate Plan was also launched by the Governor. It aims to make all sectors of Michigan’s economy carbon neutral by 2050, and ensure that communities and workers affected by climate change will reap the benefits of our energy transition. The Governor made important investments in our parks and trails and public lands to create employment, boost local economies, and ensure that all Michiganans can enjoy “Pure Michigan.” 

Key Numbers 

  • More than $2 billion in State Revolving Funds and Community Development Block Grants was invested in drinking water, stormwater and wastewater facilities across the state. This investment supported 30,000 jobs.  
  • Launched MI Clean WaterA $500 million drinking and wastewater infrastructure plan that will address high water rates, lead-laden water services lines, toxic contaminants like PFAS, failing septic systems, and sewers that cannot meet demand. It will support 7,500 jobs. The plan has obligated $210 million to rebuild drinking water infrastructure. However, $290 million needs to be allocated for clean water infrastructure improvements.  
  • Proposed a $500 Million expansion to MI Clean Water in order to ensure that communities have the They need the resources to address water infrastructure concerns and Eliminate lead service lines supporting 7,500 jobs. 
  • To achieve the largest possible award, I worked with Attorney General Nessel Settlement The Flint water crisis response was the largest in Michigan’s recent history. It cost $600 million.  
  • Launched in Water Utility Assistance ProgramThe largest investment in water assistance in Michigan’s history.  
  • Solar panels installed on state-owned buildings and lands, and committed to powering the state government100% renewable energy by 2025. 
  • Over $100 million invested in parks and public lands. Proposed Investing an additional $400 million needed for revitalization state and community parks, trails,And recreation facilities to make public lands more accessible, support local economies, and help Michigan It will become a more desirable destination for tourists. 

Additional water clean energyenvironmental accomplishments can be found here. 

“The Michigan Pipe Trades Association applauds Governor Whitmer’s extraordinary investments in clean water,” stated Jeremy Garza, Michigan Pipe Trades Association. “The licensed members of the United Association are ready to continue the great work done this year replacing lead service lines to keep Michiganders safe, but we know there is much more work to be done. We look forward to fixing the damn pipes and appreciate the administration’s relentless focus on creating jobs and investing in infrastructure.” 

“The Great Lakes Business Network, which represents nearly 200 business leaders from the region, recognizes Governor Whitmer’s outstanding leadership on several issues critical to the Great Lakes,” stated Whitmer. Kris Spaulding, President & Co-Owner of Brewery Vivant & Broad Leaf Brewery & Spirits. “The Governor has boldly acted to protect the Great Lakes, and state and tribal rights, from Enbridge in her efforts to shut down the Line 5 oil pipeline. The GLBN strongly supports her management plan to eliminate harmful nutrient polluting in Lake Erie, her actions towards addressing climate change with the MI Healthy Climate Plan and her promise to make Michigan 100% fossil-fuel-free by 2050. 

“The Michigan Energy Innovation Business Council represents more than 140 advanced energy companies doing business within the state, with a mission of growing Michigan’s advanced-energy economy,” stated Dr. Laura Sherman, President, Michigan EIBC. “We support the Governor’s investments into solar, wind, electric cars, energy efficiency, as well as other sectors of advanced energies, both in the State’s efforts to lead the way and enable critical infrastructure. Michigan businesses are looking forward to the chance to continue to work with the administration to use federal investments to create jobs, support smaller businesses, and boost Michigan’s advanced-energy sector. 

“MTA recognizes Governor Whitmer’s dedication to protecting Michigan’s most precious natural resources-our water-That “It is vital to all communities in the Great Lakes State.” Neil Sheridan is the Executive Director of Michigan Townships Assocation. “Whether it’s safe drinking water, high-water issues and erosion control or wastewater infrastructure and failing systems, additional state support is essential to ensure that local officials can provide vital services to their residents. We are grateful to the governor for her efforts in promoting and improving local parks, recreation facilities, and access. This benefits all Michiganders as well as our economy., and our state’s future.” 

“At a time when drinking water and our Great Lakes are under siege from widespread contaminants, like toxic PFAS, and the impacts of climate change, Governor Whitmer has led with determination to protect public health and the environment,” said Lisa WozniakExecutive Director of the Michigan League of Conservation Voters.”Governor Whitmer has prioritized the health of our communities, the protection of our water and tackling the climate crisis, understanding the fundamental link to our state’s economy and the well-being of the people who live, work, and play in this beautiful state.” 

“We saw a significant commitment to parks and recreation this year from both the administration as well as the legislature,” he stated. Clay Summers, Executive director of the Michigan Parks and Recreation Association. “We are so happy to get the ball rolling in 2022 knowing Michigan is ready to invest into our public spaces.”  

“Water defines Michigan. Governor Whitmer understands this and her MI Clean Water Plan will help to define Michigan’s future,” she stated. Liz Kirkwood, Executive director, For Love of Water. “Our economy will benefit and our health will be benefited by the investments she has made as well as those she has suggested. The Governor’s water agenda as a whole has led to major accomplishments, from championing some of the nation’s most health-protective drinking water standards for toxic PFAS to assuring access to clean water for all Michigan residents during the pandemic.” 


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