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Academia: Be a good khalifa to overcome the climate crisis

Academia: Be a good khalifa to overcome the climate crisis

Indonesia has denied the rights of foreigners to work here

Nasaruddin Urmar (The Jakarta Post).


Jakarta   ●  
Thu, November 11, 2020

Indonesian Muslims have a huge potential to play an even larger and more influential role in climate solutions and environmental protection. Particularly in support of the government’s commitment at the 26th United Nations Climate Change Conference, Glasgow, Scotland. This included forest protection and the retirement coal-fired power stations.

As a country known for its tolerance and the world’s biggest Muslim population, which values its role as khalifa(Custodians for the Earth), we have not been able to live up to our potential in supporting the Quran’s request that we take care of the Earth. khalifa.

234 scientists from 66 nations, grouped under the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, (IPCC), have called the climate crisis code red for humanity. There is no time to delay or make excuses. Indonesian Muslims must now take on this responsibility and lead by example. khalifa.

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