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According to a report, an increase in plant-based proteins could play a key role in fighting the climate crisis.
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According to a report, an increase in plant-based proteins could play a key role in fighting the climate crisis.

Earth Black Box to Document Climate Crisis for Future Generations


Climate change is a serious concern. grave threatOur planet, the earth, the environment. Scientists have even stated we’re past the point of returnIt is even more crucial to lower global warming when it comes down to it. Our impact on the planet.

Eating less is one way to reduce global warming animal-based proteinsInstead of plant-based proteins.

It seems we are moving in the right direction with regard to diet since A new reportFrom MSCIAnd Blue HorizonThis potential increase in alternative protein sources could be as high as 13 million metric tonnes per year, or 97 million metric tonnes by 2035.

They estimate that by 2035, 11% of the world’s protein market will be plant-based or alternative proteins. According to a Press release, they believe “Europe and North America would reach ‘peak meat’ by 2025, and the consumption of animal protein there would actually begin to decline.”

The research examined companies’ investment and revenue exposure to the alternative protein market and found that 46% of companies were in the plant-based protein space, with 10% of those companies generation 5%+ of their total sales from alternative protein products.

According to an email release shared with One Green Planet, the research also showed that “Companies involved in the plant-based and alternative proteins space showed a higher prevalence of science-based and comprehensive carbon reduction targets, carbon emission disclosure and reduction efforts across the full value chain.”

Learn more about how Plant-based dietCould be one of the most powerful things you can do in combating climate change Eating more plant foods can be good for the environment.How to? Consuming fewer animal products could help reduce climate change in rich countries.

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