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Alternative investments that can be long-term in an environment with increasing volatility
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Alternative investments that can be long-term in an environment with increasing volatility

As we start to get into stock markets operations, it is normal for us to place our money in securities that have a higher reputation. This is why Ibex 35 shares are often held by investors who are familiar with more traditional sectors. This is normal because we feel more comfortable and safe investing in what are familiar to us and to which we have easy access.

The Spanish stock market is extremely broad and allows for both small and large stocks. It also allows for innovative or more traditional sectors to be included. Diversification is an unalienable requirement for anyone who wants to seek out and place bets on alternative opportunities in Spain’s equity market.

To begin by pointing out that within the selective there are also small treasures … The latest to join the main Spanish index, Laboratorios Rovi, is one of them. The company will close 2021 with an operating income growth of between 40% to 45%. This means that it will achieve the 2023 revenue target, 606 million euro, and it is committed to R&D D in order to implement its internationalization strategy. Fluidra, one of the 35 listed companies, is worth considering when creating portfolios. This is due to its excellent performance during the pandemic as well as the excellent forecasts it has made in the short and medium term. Fluidra’s return on capital has been 18% in the past 4 years and is now aiming to exceed 20% for 2022. We must remember that climate change has become a crucial factor in the survival of companies. This is why we need to look at the sector of energy. Companies such as Naturgy presented their Strategic Plan with a five-year vision just a few months ago. It was framed in the strong commitment towards ESG that has been manifesting in recent years.

Audax is an investment for the future, beyond the Ibex 35. Audax is a company which cares for and preserves the environment. This is a growing trend among investors and clients. The same Continuous Market also highlights tourism. eDreams ODIGEO stands apart as a unique technology firm that is revolutionizing the industry. They are the first to promote subscriptions in the industry and to redefine the future of it from a position where stronger global leadership. Thus, investing in eDreams ODIGEO amounts to investing in the reinvention in travel. Alternative investments include medical biotechnology, and specifically epigenetics. Oryzon Genomics is the world’s leading innovator in scientific research and innovation in this field. Now Carlos Buesa, the company’s leader, looks to the future with science, research, and reinforcement in the American market. Grupo Insur, which operates in realty, is the best alternative sector. Grupo Insur can face 2022 with security, good prospects, and mitigating the rises in prices due to a shortage of construction services, and the rising cost of raw materials, and integrating its construction activity into its operating structure.

Silicius, another company in the same sector, stands out in the BME Growth sector. Silicius is convinced that realty is a sector needed to lead recovery of the economy. A sector in which Silicius has experienced robust growth in long term rentals thanks to the agreements it reached with its tenants, the commercial activity (56 new rental contracts signed) and the progressive openings of hotels and shopping centres. This company moves in the context of BME Growth A market that is open to the future has helped diversify and expand the financing of small- and medium-sized businesses. These companies are traditionally the most vulnerable to stress like those experienced by Covid-19. Companies from the most technologically-focused and cutting-edge sectors of activity are prominent in this market. Izertis’ mission is to assist companies and administrations with their Digital Metamorphosis process. This is done through traditional services like outsourcing, maintenance of applications or infrastructures, but the majority of its business is focused on providing technological solutions that provide high added value to clients thanks to Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence and the Internet of things. Gigas Hosting, a Spanish provider of convergent telecoms, cloud connectivity, security services and connectivity, 2021 is a good year for the company. It went from almost 11 million to 52 employees this year and had a turnover of almost 64 millions euros. This was a huge leap. MioGroup believes that marketing and digital transformation are key sectors in the data economy. Furthermore, the activity and results of marketing consultants are crucial in a context where consumption is slowly recovering. They act as the engine for many other driving sectors in the Spanish economy.

We also highlight EiDF, one of the youngest listed companies in the BME Growth market. This national company specializes in photovoltaic energy projects. It has less than half a decade of life on the stock exchange, but it sails with the wind in its favor at both the stock and business levels for 2022. EiDF expects to reach 224 millions in turnover and a 26.4 million EBITDA.

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