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An annual reminder about the environment for a more sustainable lifestyle

An annual reminder about the environment for a more sustainable lifestyle

Prime Minister Narendra Modi tweeted on Friday: #EarthDay is all about showing gratitude to Mother Earth and reiterating the commitment to care for our planet. Earth Day is an annual celebration that is celebrated on April 22. It reminds us to protect the environment and restore damaged ecosystems.
SINCE 1970: Earth Day is celebrated every year since 1970. It was first observed by Americans in 1970, when protestors marched against the 1969 Santa Barbara oil leak that killed thousands of seabirds, dolphins and seals.

Since then, Earth Day celebrations play a vital role in raising awareness of environmental issues. Earth Day, the largest international recruiter for the environmental movement has stated that the Earth Day mission is “to diversify, educate, and activate the environment movement worldwide.” On Earth Day 2016, the landmark Paris Agreement was signed.

IN 2009, THE UNITED NATIONS declared April 22nd International Mother Earth Day. It is meant to remind us that healthy ecosystems lead to healthier planets and people. The UN links the April 22 designation with a series previous global climate actions, which began with the UN Conference on the Human Environment 1972 (Stockholm) and the establishment of the World Environment Day on June 5. Agenda 21 was adopted at Rio de Janeiro Earth Summit in 1992.

International Mother Earth Day is celebrated by the UN through the Harmony with Nature initiative. This platform promotes global sustainable development and encourages an interactive dialogue on topics such promoting harmony with nature and a sharing of national experiences regarding indicators and criteria to measure sustainable development in harmony with it. chose the theme Invest in Our Planet for this year’s edition. It is time to change the political climate, the business climate, and the way we tackle climate change. It said that now is the time to have the unstoppable courage and protect our health, families, and livelihoods. We must Invest in Our Planet.

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