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Applied Graphene Materials’ anti-corrosion primer graphene-enhanced for flood defense uses

Applied Graphene Materials’ anti-corrosion primer graphene-enhanced for flood defense uses

Applied Graphene Materials announces that Englands Environment Agency has successfully applied AGMs harsh environmental anti-corrosion product on one of its flood defense assets along the North East coast. The new graphene-enhanced Geneable CX-based anticorrosion primer was applied to the coastal flood defense gates.

This project used the AGMs coating system, which is an additional iteration in AGMs product offerings for anti-corrosion and barrier performance. It is the culmination of 18 months worth of testing and evaluations of anti-corrosion performance in salt-spray and immersion under harsh test conditions.

The first customer application to a coastal facility is considered a’major milestone in customer exploitation AGMs graphene enhanced coatings systems for corrosion prevention in harsh coastal environments’. The first of many planned uses of the system includes the coating of an EAs asset.

Adrian Potts is the Chief Executive Officer at Applied Graphene. He said: After many years in product development, rigorous testing of graphene formulations for a variety of increasingly harsh corrosion environments, I find it extremely gratifying seeing these coatings being successfully applied in harsh coastal or sea spray conditions. I am excited to be able to engage with Englands Environment Agency. I also look forward to a wider use of our products for further EA assets and deeper engagement with them, as an innovative solution provider. Being based here in the North East, seeing our products used locally is a testament to local innovation as well as the excellent graphene R&D platform which AGM has built in the region.

John Abraham, England’s Environment Agency stated that the EA has set itself a lofty goal of becoming a Carbon Net Zero Organization by 2030. To achieve our ambition, we need to innovate and partner with companies developing new materials and technologies. The EA is focusing on how to extend the maintenance intervals for our Flood Risk Management Assets (FRM), which will reduce our carbon footprint in maintenance activities.

We are grateful to AGM for providing us with their advanced graphene primer. This primer was used on one of our FRM assets in December 2021. The asset consists of two flood barrier gates, two gates for sluice gates and other components. It is located in a harsh coastal environment that requires frequent maintenance. This has been used on half of the FRM asset. The other half is in the standard offering. This gives us a direct comparison that will provide real world results in a relatively brief time due to its location.

We look forward to working closely with AGM for further trials in 2022. This innovative product is highly adaptable to a variety of real-world environments.

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