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Army Needs Industry Expertise to Solve Problems

Army Needs Industry Expertise to Solve Problems

U.S. Army Special OperationsThe project seeks contributions to the development of a prototype environment to solve technology problems across multiple categories.

USASOC announced Tuesday that in a notice, it asked potential contributors for ideas to address complex data integration issues.

USASOC’s Enterprise Cloud Management Office envisions a cloud-based environment where multiple, industry-based problem solvers can work together to address issues with the support of an environment manager.

ECMO needs the capability to observe data interoperability while following the Defense Information Systems Agency’s zero trust architecture standards. This capability must be available in a hybrid/multicloud infrastructure, while the office aligns with modern SecDevOps approaches.

This environment is designed to assist the Army in meeting these needs as well as its workforce matters via commercial cloud services, artificial Intelligence, and machine learning for informed decisions making.

Participation responses may be submitted by interested parties until February 8th.

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