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Bhupendra Yadav, the responsible party for polluting the environment, is not to be forgotten

Bhupendra Yadav, the responsible party for polluting the environment, is not to be forgotten

New Delhi, Feb 3 (IANS):Bhupendra Yadav, Environment, Forest and Climate Change Minister, stated that the discussion on the current situation must not ignore the historical responsibility of developed nations who have polluted the natural environment.

Shantanu Sen, Trinmool Congress Rajya Sabha member, asked him a question about India’s ranking among the most polluted countries. He replied: “Those who crowd the carbon space after polluting our environment, why isn’t their historical responsibility not considered?”

“Secondly, we are only 4 per cent of carbon emitteds despite being 17 per cent of the global population due to our traditional life style,” he stated.

The Minister stated that environmental clearances require modifications in order to facilitate business.

Yadav also informed that the Upper House is being made aware of efforts to reduce air pollution in big cities by incorporating new pollution standards and changing the fuel to a newer or biofuel.

He said that stubble burning is being addressed in the same way and that efforts are underway to convert it to biofuel.

L. Murugan, Minister of State Information and Broadcasting, responded to a question from K.C. Venugopal spoke out on “antinational” content on news channels, and the banning of ‘Media One’ in Kerala. He said that the matter was under-judice.

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