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BLK Jeez is interested in a position with NWA, Talks Toxic Environmental In CZW
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BLK Jeez is interested in a position with NWA, Talks Toxic Environmental In CZW

BLK Jeez, a pro wrestler, recently spoke to Post Wrestling’s Andrew ThompsonA wide range of topics were covered, including his thoughts about his time in CZW, and his interest in working with NWA. Below are highlights from the interview.

He feels like he is in his best shape of all his life.

It’s absolutely true. It’s definitely working out, I know what Im talking about. It’s great to eat clean, but it also means that I still have a passion. There’s still so much I want and there are times over the years when I might not enjoy it as much. There are negatives we have to deal with in this industry or whatever, but once we as wrestlers get motivated there’s no stopping us. It’s like now, Im in the best shape I have ever felt. I put out the best performances, the most promos, and all that. You know what Im talking about? This is my favorite.

Recalls a promotional where he called CZW out for not having a lot of black talents:

It [CZW promo addressing lack of Black talent on promotional material]The promo was from a real place. It wasn’t scripted, and it wasn’t anyone saying, Hey, let’s get to the point. It was me, they put a camera in front my face, and I was just trying to get some things off my chest. It was almost like the first time CZW worked with wXw Germany, when we were all there. It wasn’t just about [Black wrestlers]They were just like us all. They were just treating us like young boys. They was treating us like we not sh*t and I wasnt gonna stand for that and like, a lot of the guys that were there, they were just allowing it to happen and Im like, Yo bro, are we men or are we boys over here? It was like, back then, it was like, any time I spoke up, you know what I mean. And I looked out to the locker room boys, it was frowned upon. People were like, “Oh, that’s just Jeez.” Because that is how he is, it gave me the impression of being a hothead and unprofessional. It’s all about respect, you understand what Im saying. Wrestlers were first and men second. If you want us to respect you guys, we’re gonna respect you. The saddest thing was that the majority of the cats in that locker room weren’t behind me on this. They were just like me, just like a man in my world. Yes, exactly. [I was a lone wolf]That was how it was for me a lot. This was how it was for me on the indies for a long period, you know what Im talking about? It was me standing on my feet, not allowing b.s. to get in the way of my career. People didn’t want to book me, people I thought were my friends, so it was almost like all these other cats got bookings and I wasn’t getting anything. That was my real thoughts and feelings during my time in CZW. It was so bad that people stopped wanting to work with me, especially when I was involved in the promotion of CZW. [when]We had to do anything that required talking on the mic. I don’t know. Are people just not interested in me? Promoters and fellow wrestlers did not want to do business with me. It wasn’t because of my promos. It was all about my character.

Says CZW treated women badly

CZW, however, was a toxic environment. It was toxic, especially for women. You know what I mean? There were times when I, along with several other guys, would go to the owner to put him in his place. He would then chill, but then he would return to the b.s. It was very disrespectful for the women, bro. It was very disrespectful. It wasn’t. It was not cool because women go though enough b.s. They go through enough b.s. in all forms entertainment, not just in wrestling. A leader is someone who has a business owner. For you to try to use that to make women do what you want them to do, its clown sh*t and it shouldnt happen, you know what I mean?

He says he is interested to work as an agent for the NWA

That was something I had never wanted to be a part of before. [producing/agenting]. I didn’t want to be a behind-the scenes performer. I wanted to be a performer. But like, real sh*t, once Homicide became an agent and I see how he does things and how hes treated as an agent, it opened my mind to in the future [about]You want to be a coach, a trainer, or an agent? It is a very important job. It is very important. It’s like a match between two guys. They have an idea of the match and the agent is the third pair of eyes. It is something I would love to do in the future. There are so many things going on right now that it is opening my eyes to new things in wrestling. Also, I want to mention how NWA emphasizes being able talk. Being a strong speaker can lead to other things. This could lead to commentary. That could lead, for instance, to MVP, a hell of a talker. I’m referring to his show on Raw. I love this type of stuff bro. It’s a great way to be a strong communicator, to put words together, to talk people into the room, however you want to word it. [being with the NWA].

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