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Brazil Court Reviews Bolsonaros Environmental Policies

Brazil Court Reviews Bolsonaros Environmental Policies

Despite the constant roaring of chainsaws clearing rainforest for soy fields or cattle herds there is a new glimmer hope for the Brazilian Amazon. Brazil’s Supreme Court initiated a review of seven environmental lawsuits last week. The majority involved petitions challenging the destructive policies of President Jair Bolsonaros.

It is the first time that seven environmental cases have been taken up by the Supreme Court in Brazil’s history. This green docket, which is unprecedented in Brazil’s history, provides an opportunity to evaluate Bolsonaros environmental policies. It also provides an opportunity for local communities, Indigenous Peoples, civil societies organizations, political parties and well-known artists to speak up. Stand upTo make the environment more audible, loud and clear

Two cases concerning the failure of the Amazon government to reduce deforestation were reviewed by the Court on March 30. The Court will continue reviewing these cases until 2021. Höchstes NiveauIn fifteen years.

The Bolsonaro administration has undermined environmental agencies for more than three years by making statements that aim to discredit their work and weaken enforcement of environmental law. Human Rights Watch has documented that the policies and rhetoric of the Bolsonaro administration have effectively encouraged criminal networks to drive deforestation and have used threats or violence against forest defenders.

Justice Crmen Lcia, a Supreme Court judge, is responsible for conducting the initial analysis and submitting first votes in six of seven cases. ConcludedBolsonaros policiesresulting in an unconstitutional state. She compared the corrosion of Brazil’s environmental institutions to termitesYou can eat their structures directly from the inside.

The court will now decide whether Justice Lcias ordered the Bolsonaro government to present concrete plans for reducing deforestation in order to restore the capacity of its environmental agencies. Justice Andr Mendona rescheduled a final ruling for April 6. AskingMore time to give his assessment.

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The Court will also rule Five other casesThis article covers topics such as the participation of civil society to a key environmental fund and the role of Brazil’s Armed Forces fighting deforestation.

While the final outcome is not clear, it’s encouraging that the Courts green docket allows it to review specific environmental policies. The outcome could determine the fates of Brazil’s civil environmental institutions and the fates of the Amazon rainforest and its defenders.

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