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Bright Data Research Reveals that Businesses Want Better Access to Data to Support Environmental Objectives
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Bright Data Research Reveals that Businesses Want Better Access to Data to Support Environmental Objectives

LONDON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Bright Data, a global industry leader in innovating solutions for making public web information accessible to all, today released research that highlights the shift towards sustainability, and the crucial role web-data will play in it. Businesses need to achieve sustainable goals regardless of their industry. The research by Vanson BourneAccording to a survey, 60% of businesses said that environmental considerations were very important to their business’s success.

Sustainability is now a cornerstone of the environmental, social and governance commitments made by businesses in the US and UK. Eight out of ten businesses indicated that they are currently working either with public or privately-owned partners to use data to combat climate change. More than a third (36%) work with local public authorities. The UK’s most preferred partners in climate change data use are 32 percent of the central government departments.

This shows the increasing importance of data in addressing sustainability challenges. And, due to the huge amount of publicly available data that is being generated every day, this trend should continue to grow. Despite the promise of data sharing, 55% of businesses still don’t have access to the right information to make the right decisions in relation to environmental concerns. 64% of organizations realize that staff with the right resources and time to improve data access would help them achieve their green goals.

The research also revealed a reluctance by businesses in both countries to share company-generated data. This is especially true in the UK where organizations are less comfortable sharing their environment-related organizational data with researchers and the public. 24 percent of UK businesses surveyed said they could share such data. However, more information would be required. 11% of respondents in the US agreed that they would be reluctant to share such data without knowing more.

Additional key findings:

  • Only 31% of UK organisations claim they have all the data (external and internal) they need to make informed decisions. This compares to 54% of US companies.
  • 46% of US companies said that they are transparent and give all data they have about the environmental impact of their business to customers/clients. Only 31% of UK organisations said the same.
  • 42 percent of US organizations are most likely to work with local governments or local councils when it comes time to use data to address climate change.

Data plays an important part in achieving sustainability goals. But, businesses, governments, and the public sector must make the most data being generated. Or Lenchner, CEO of Bright Data, said. With the early progress made in its National Data Strategy, UK government has already begun this journey. In order to achieve greater sustainability and meet environmental goals, there must be more progress in 2022. Data is at the core of nearly every industry sector decision-making process. It must be used to its full extent to meet ESG goals, he concluded.

Bright Data’s Bright Initiative partners with universities, governments, and companies around the world to promote public health, environmental causes, and data-driven skills through education and research.



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