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Cancelling Cap and Trade Good For Environment

Cancelling Cap and Trade Good For Environment

Derrick Hollie

Cancelling Cap and Trade Good For Environment

Governor Glenn Youngkin approaches the task from multiple angles and is moving forward to remove Virginia from the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI). The governor’s office stated that the state-level regulation partnership policies impose an unfair burden upon Virginia ratepayers.

Youngkin issued an order to initiate the pullout early in his term. He is currently following up on regulatory actions through the commonwealths Air Pollution Control Board and budget actions with the assistance of allies in Congress.

As described by Kevin Mooney, Daily Signal ArticleTo achieve its climate-focused goals, the RGGI advocates a cap and trade regulatory system.

These states have government regulators that impose a maximum limit or cap on the carbon dioxide emissions power plants can emit. The initiative also creates allowances in interstate bidding that can be traded back-and-forth between companies subject to the emission caps.

Youngkin calls it a bad deal in Virginia for Virginians and bad for Virginia businesses. CiteThe tax burden of RGGI compliance. According to Dominion Energy’s filing, customers will have to pay up to $1.2B over four years in order to comply with RGGI mandates.

Derrick Hollie

At the beginning of the Youngkin Administration Project 21Join us Derrick HollieSeveral people praised the intention of withdrawing from the RGGI, stating:

People being forced to pay more to keep the lights on and the house warm can have a devastating effect on households at risk.

It’s a smart move to get Virginia out of the RGGI. This puts more money in people’s pockets and gives them more opportunities.

National Center Senior Fellow Bonner Cohen, Ph.D.Mooney stated in an interview that the supposedly transformative effects of RGGI membership, as praised by Youngkins’ predecessors, would not be for the best.

Bonner explained the environmental issues associated with the RGGIs’ so-called clean Energy Agenda.

A greater reliance on wind power and solar power will change Virginia’s beautiful countryside and deep-blue waters into a world of ugly and inefficient industrial-scale turbines and solar arrays.

The pollution potential created by the disposal used-up solar panel (tens of thousand of them), giant wind generators, and dead batteries for when there is no sun or wind will make the worst Superfund site look like a playground.

Click HereYou can read the entire Mooneys article Youngkin Promises to Withdraw Virginia from Multistate Climate Pact on the Daily Signal website.

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