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CES 2022: Acer’s latest green laptop gives back more to the environment, but it is not for US customers
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CES 2022: Acer’s latest green laptop gives back more to the environment, but it is not for US customers


Aspire Vero’s National Geographic Editions will only be available in a few countries.

” data-credit=”Image: Acer”>aspire-vero-national-geographic-edition-av15-51r-02.jpg

Image: Acer

Acer, Taiwanese tech giant, launched CES 2022 with an announcement of a new product to its Acer Aspire Vero series of eco-friendly laptops. The “The Acer Aspire Vero” line of eco-friendly laptops. Acer Aspire Vero National Geographic EditionThis Vero is a special designed incentive to go green when you buy your next laptop.

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Acer Vero laptops were launched last year with a screen bezel and chassis made of 30% post-consumer plastic and a keyboard made of 50% PCR. Acer claims that the PCR plastic in Acer’s chassis reduces carbon emissions by 21%.

“Acer has been making efforts over the past few years to reduce it’s ecological footprint. James Lin, Acer’s GM of notebooks and IT products, said that the Vero product line is the latest example of these efforts.

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The Nat Geo edition is made using the same PCR plastics that were used in the Vero models. It has some unique design additions and branding, such as the Nat Geo yellow border at the keyboard, embossed topographical maps on its lid, and yellow pigmented polymers to give the laptop a little bit of National Geographic flair without the need to use paints.

The National Geographic Edition is no upgrade to the Vero’s late 2021 editions in terms of actual hardware. It still comes with the 11th-Gen Intel Core processor, Intel Iris Xe Graphics, Wi-Fi 6, Windows 11 one USB-C, and two USB-A ports.

The Vero has six standard Phillips screw heads that keep the bottom plate attached. This makes it green and easy to upgrade. Acer states that once the bottom plate is removed, accessing the RAM/SSD is simple and allows for more power to keep it running longer.

Why buy the Nat Geo edition instead of the regular Vero? Because you’re Donate money to National GeographicThe money is then spent on programs that help to preserve the natural world and wildlife.

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To do that, you will need to be in one the few countries where the Vero Nat Geo Edition will be available. These include France (where it will go on sale in March) and China (where it will be available sometime in October for 5,499). Acer also stated that the Aspire Vero Nat Geo edition will be available in “multiple countries throughout the Asia Pacific,” but did not specify which ones.

If you’re still interested in an Acer Vero, or a fleet, Veros eco-friendly Veros for businessYou can still find them in the U.S. or elsewhere, but they won’t come with the redesigned bag. Make a contributionYou can also submit to National Geographic on your behalf. It is the “non-automated version” of the process.

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