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China Builds ‘Artificial Moon’ Replicating Lunar Environment To Augment Ongoing Missions

China Builds ‘Artificial Moon’ Replicating Lunar Environment To Augment Ongoing Missions

China has created an artificial lunar system that could eliminate gravity, just like the sun. The artificial moon facility, located in the eastern city Xuzhou in Jiangsu province will provide low gravity lunar conditions for scientists to test new technology and future missions.

China’s low-gravity research center can control the gravity within a vacuum chamber using powerful magnetics by scientists to such low levels it can successfully reproduce the moon’s gravity. The vacuum chamber measures 60 cm (about 2 feet) in size and has an artificial surface made from rocks and dust, which is just as light as the moon. The magnetic field is responsible for gravity on the moon being one-sixth as strong as gravity on Earth.

Li Ruilin, a geotechnical engineering student at China University of Mining and Technology believes it is a world-first experiment. Ruilin explained. South China Morning Post“While low gravity can still be achieved in an aircraft, or a tower drop, it is only temporary, and the effect can last as much as you like in the simulator.”

Research Facility is Important

China’s ongoing lunar exploration has been enhanced by the creation of an artificial moon. It will reduce dependence on zero-gravity planes for astronaut training and the environment to extensively technologies and new spacecraft that scientists plan to send to moon. It will allow scientists to test the durability of equipment and work out technical issues in the expensive instrument.

Inspiration For Research Facility

The Russian-born physicist Andre Geim was the inspiration for the scientists who built the facility. Geim used magnets in 1997 to lift the frog completely. Later, he was awarded satirical Ig Nobel Prize 2000. According to the original research, weak diamagnetism is found in most ordinary materials, including humans.

Ruilin explained to SCMP, “Magnetic Levitation is certainly no anti-gravity but there are a variety situations where mimicking microgravity using magnetic fields could be invaluable in order to anticipate the unexpected in space-research.”

China has already successfully tested and developed an artificial sun to replicate the nuclear Fusion process. It is a natural process that occurs naturally in stars and suns, and it produces almost infinite clean energy. A nuclear fusion reactor that ran for five times longer than the sun set a new record in sustained high temperatures. It was running for more than 17 minutes at five times the temperature.

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