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China Everbright environment : Everbright receives the “Best Social Responsibilities” Award for Three Years. Wang Tianyi, Chairman, is Recognized as “Asia’s Top CEO” for Four Years.
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China Everbright environment : Everbright receives the “Best Social Responsibilities” Award for Three Years. Wang Tianyi, Chairman, is Recognized as “Asia’s Top CEO” for Four Years.

News Release

29 Dec 2021

Everbright Environment receives the “Best social responsibility” award for three consecutive year, Wang Tianyi is the Chairman of Everbright Environment, and is also named “Asia’s best CEO” for four consecutive year.

29 December 2021 Hong Kong – The 11ThThe Asian Excellence Award”, which was launched by the renowned Asian magazine Corporate Governance Asia, recently revealed the results. China Everbright Environment Group Limited (“Everbright Environment” (or the “Company”) received the award for “Best Environmental Responsibility” for the 3rd consecutive year. For the fourth consecutive year, Wang Tianyi was named Asia’s Best CEO. This is a result of the market’s recognition that the Company’s performance in the areas of environment, governance (“ESG”) as well as operating management has been recognized.

The 11ThThe Asian Excellence Award recognizes individuals and enterprises that have shown resilience and maintained high standards of corporate governance in the face of tough internal and external challenges. It was established to establish new standards for corporate governance in Asia. After months of rigorous assessments, 20 companies were awarded the “Best Environmental Responsibility” award. 47 presidents (or chief executives) were awarded the title of “Asia’s Best CEO”. These include well-known companies from China and Asia such as China Unicom Hong Kong Limited, CNOOC Ltd. and China Resources Beer (Holdings) Company Limited. Sun Hung Kai Properties Ltd. and PPT Public Company Ltd. Everbright Environment was the only company from environmental protection on the list.

Everbright Environment, which employs more than 10,000 people, achieved “zero infections” in its work areas against the backdrop of ongoing COVID-19 pandemic control and prevention worldwide. This was achieved by taking effective pandemic control and prevention measures. The Company maintained high-quality operations of its environmental protection projects and services to ensure the safety and health of local communities. Everbright Environment’s focus on the social, environmental and governance aspects of its business is evident in the Company’s steady performance.

Everbright Environment has been leveraging its environmental protection services and projects over the years to achieve its goals of reducing carbon emission and pollution. Its waste-to energy projects and other environmental protection initiatives not only address environmental problems such as the burning of straw in open spaces and garbage siege, but also add value to the environment. The Company processed approximately 20,000,000 tonnes household waste, approximately 120,000 tonnes of hazardous and heavy waste, and approximately 3.75 Million forestry waste. These generated more that 10 billion kWh of electricity. This is equivalent of saving more than 4,000,000 tonnes standard coal and reducing over 9 million tons of carbon dioxide emissions. Furthermore, the Company accumulated 800 million m3 waste water and over 4,000,000 m3 waste-to energy plants’ leachate, reducing approximately 4,000,000 tonnes chemical oxygen demand (“COD”) discharge.

Everbright Environment’s social aspect is consistent with its core corporate value, “Creating Better Investment Valuation and Undertaking more Social Responsibility”. The Company strives towards community engagement by providing high quality environmental services. It has been making it possible for the public to visit its projects since 2020 and promoting sustainable development and environmental protection. A total of 138 projects have been opened to the public as of now. One of these projects was the Jiangsu Changzhou Waste to Energy Project. This benchmark project, which solved the not-in my-backyard problem, was selected in China’s Top Ten Units Open for Public Visits.

Everbright Environment maintains a high standard in corporate governance. This is a key factor in business development and protecting shareholders’ interests. Since 2020, Everbright Environment has been a supporter for the Task Force on Climate Related Financial Disclosure (“TCFD”), and discloses in its sustainability reports key climate risk factors, as well strategies and corporate governance measures that were taken to address these risks according to TCFD’s risk analysis framework. The Company also adheres to TCFD standards for disclosing emissions and carbon footprint data related to its operating activities. This is an indication of the Company’s concrete steps taken to improve green asset management proficiency, especially in light of the country’s “Carbon Peaking” and “Carbon Neutrality” (“Two Carbons”) strategies.

Sustainability requires that we choose a low-carbon, green development approach. Everbright Environment will respond to the severe climate change challenges. It will closely follow China’s “Two Carbons”, take its “Three Carbons,” development target (to become carbon-negative enterprise, develop carbon-zero plants and pursue a low-carbon lifestyle), as well as its “Four in One” development pattern (environment, resources and energy, climate). The Company will continue to improve ESG performance and actively reduce carbon emission. This will allow it to promote the enhancement of economic and social benefits as well as a continuation to create great investment value and take on social and environmentally responsible responsibilities.

Corporate Governance Asia is a leading journal on corporate governance in Hong Kong, Asia Pacific and elsewhere. The journal, which has been around for 18 years now, provides news and analysis on regional corporate governance issues and boardroom performance. Corporate Governance Asia launched the Asian Excellence Awards as a key award series to recognize excellence in management, financial performance, corporate Social Responsibility, environmental practices, investor relations, and management acumen. The award is open to companies from many Asian countries and regions, including Mainland China and Hong Kong, Taiwan and the Philippines, as well as Thailand.

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