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Christmas cacti – Humidity required during winter – where to place your Christmas cactus
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Christmas cacti – Humidity required during winter – where to place your Christmas cactus

Christmas cacti, also known by schlumbergera are also called schlumbergera. This is because it flowers over the festive period. It is a delicate-looking, round-shaped cactus that has bright, colorful flowers. The Christmas cactus is found on trees and rocks in the wild. It can be difficult to replicate at your home due to its high humidity level.

Owners should mist their houseplants every day to prevent overwatering.

While they are relatively easy to care for, they can have some problems with their cultivation and physical health like scorch and shrivelling.

The Royal Horticultural Society (RHS) explained: “Shrivelling of the stems can be caused by the plant being in a too hot and sunny situation. This is often caused by root deterioration due to over- or underwatering.

“Scorch discolours and damages the stems and is caused by the plant being placed in a situation that is too hot and sunny.

She explained: “Snake plants are dormant during the winter and therefore do not grow.

“During this time, you should place them in a safe area, away from any windows or radiators, as they do not thrive in extremely hot or cold temperatures.

“If your plant is placed in a dim-lit area, then you should consider hanging artificial lights over the top of the plant.

“When it comes to watering a snake plant, you should actively avoid overwatering to prevent root rot and pest damage.”

According to the gardening expert the houseplant can live for a month without being watered.

Watering your plants should be done according to your own personal preferences.

Samantha added: “Instead you should check the soil with a moisture metre and only decide to water them if the top two inches of soil are bone dry.

“Snake plants typically only require diluted fertiliser, however, in the winter you should avoid feeding them altogether while they are in their dormant period.”

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