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Climate Crisis Film Festival
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Climate Crisis Film Festival

Inside the Climate Crisis Film Festival


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Two weeks later, Hurricane Iota did it again.

Alvaro Cantillano recorded residents in the months that followed as they considered whether to rebuild from the rubble despite increasing extreme weather risk, or relocate and start anew.

The final shots of Haulover: Separated These are heart-wrenching. Silently, those who stayed behind gather on the beach as dark clouds rise and a new storm approaches.

To Calm the Pig Inside It deserves praises just for its title. In the Philippines, ‘buwa’ is a giant, mythological subterranean swine.

“When angry, they say the earth trembles,” says the young narrator of the film by Joanna Vasquez Arong, that reconciles legends and memories with the devastation wreaked by monsoons,  exploring how people cope with historical – or sudden – trauma.

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All of us can hear the sea, even if we are holding a shell to one’s ear. Time and the SeashellCharacters can also connect with the past and the present. Mexican director Itandehui Jansen’s film sees a young boy imagining his future, and
An older man recalls his past while listening to the same shell.

The top prize, winning the Ocean Bottle Film Award, was awarded to Hawaiian SoulThe following is a biography of George Helm, a pioneering environmental activist from the 1970s.

For decades, the American military used the island of Kaho‘olawe for bombing practice. The film tells the story of Helm’s discovery of his voice. Helm disappeared in 1977 while he was on his way to the island. The circumstances surrounding Helm’s disappearance are still not clear.

Director Āina Paikai, beaming in from Hawaii, said: “We want to follow his lead, using the love we have in our culture to show and share with other folks what it means to have appreciation for a place.”

The audience checked their phones after the event to see if any deals had been made across the river. The decision on whether to phase down or eliminate coal would be made by the delegates 24 hours later.

They would have preferred to spend their time watching these films. Setting targets for decades away won’t help. The climate emergency is a real possibility for millions of people around the globe.

The solutions aren’t secret, their implementation not impossible. So what’s the problem? Mark Decena, a filmmaker from the US and activist, best summarised the role and responsibility of art.

“We need all these forms of storytelling to make the change we need to see,” he said. “Not just a cart full of facts – a parade wagon of facts dressed as poetry and music and narrative drama and plays and podcasts. We need it all to create that emotional shift in consciousness.”


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