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Coconut Grove Business Area stresses natural environment

Coconut Grove Business Area stresses natural environment
Written by Abraham Galvan, January 4, 2022


Coconut Grove business area stresses natural environment

The Coconut Grove Business Improvement District has put forward initiatives to get the community out and enjoy the best attractions that the neighborhood has to provide, its enriched natural environment.

According to Cynthia Seymour (executive director of the BIDs), the Coconut Grove BID has been hosting microevents that aim to create moments in the neighborhood.

Instead of aggregating people at one location, we present moments and events throughout Coconut Grove which encourage people to walk through it and enjoy the outdoors in a walkable area. These events attract all generations of people who want to get outside and enjoy the natural beauty of our environment. Right now, we are experiencing a real renaissance.

She explained that the BID employs local musicians and artists during micro-events. These social events support not only businesses, but also the creative spirit of Miami.

Ms. Seymour stated that we were actually giving them a stage to perform on in Coconut Grove. There is no Coconut Grove playhouse, who would argue? It’s not in a specific building, it’s everywhere.

Ms. Seymour explained that in addition to the CocoWalk lifestyle centre, the neighborhood now offers more entertainment opportunities and has opened new restaurants over the past six months.

The Miami Symphony Orchestra was commissioned to perform three-quarterly outdoor concerts in Coconut Grove. The first performance will take place at Peacock Park, 2820 McFarlane Rd. This will be the unofficial kick-off to the Coconut Grove Arts Festival, which begins the following week.

Just in time to celebrate outdoor events, the BID installed decorative trees lighting and is currently installing electrical conduits.

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We are going through an infrastructure upgrade with our electrical conduits. They will be installed throughout all the tree holes so that we can increase lighting installation. That should be done by the autumn, Ms. Seymour explained. It will allow us to do amazing things, such as music and arts in the Coconut Grove Business Improvement District.

The Coconut Grove BID aims to make the city more global by hosting special events such the arts festival or an Asian food crawl in February.

Ms. Seymour indicated that we will be doing a global push by October to let the world know about Coconut Grove’s amazing place to visit.

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