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Commentary: Why do companies still conduct annual appraisals in a changing work environment?
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Commentary: Why do companies still conduct annual appraisals in a changing work environment?

One small, but important change that companies can make is to allow more performance checks-ins. Studies have shown Continuous performance checks-ins, whether they are monthly or monthly, are 1.4 to 1.5 times more effective in engaging and retaining employees.

These results have proven to be extremely valuable in our company. My management team has encouraged line managers to have daily stand-up meetings with me and their line managers since the inception of hybrid work. This allows them to anticipate and address problems early.

It may seem tedious, but our employees agree that it helps them stay connected with their teams and supports them.

We also created a communications guideline to ensure that our people can communicate and collaborate in a way that aligns with our culture. We want to make sure that our values – nurturing, unafraid and innovative – are maintained throughout our company’s evolution.

We also have a no meeting time policy. This is a set of hours during the week that employees are free from constant meetings. Throughput Tuesdays were created to allow employees to work in a focused, uninterrupted manner.

We implemented this because we saw some of our employees struggling to do meaningful work due to being bombarded with meetings throughout their week.

This feedback was brought up during our regular check-ins, and we decided that this initiative should be mandatory at all levels of the company. We have already received very positive responses. They can now catch up on late work and be able to concentrate on their projects.

Companies in Singapore must understand the causes of the Great Resignation Wave and begin to develop a plan to change the way they do business to make a lasting impact.

EngageRocket is a provider of people analytics. Chee Tung Leeong is the CEO and co-founder.

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