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Concerns about the triple threat to Lochmaben’s Mill Loch’s natural environment

Concerns about the triple threat to Lochmaben’s Mill Loch’s natural environment

Concerns are rising over the fragile natural environment at Lochmabens Mill Loch. This is a triple threat.

The deep loch is a Site of Special Scientific Interest, but it has been deteriorated by the spread of an invasive water Lily that has caused damage to wildlife and plant life.

Local concerns include small amounts of raw sewage found in the loch following heavy rainfall and the presence of blue-green alga in summer, which can pose a health risk to humans and animals, including dogs.

Oliver Mundell, Dumfriesshire MSP, called a meeting at Loch Loch this week to discuss what he believes is an urgent need for a way to save it.

He organized the open air meeting between concerned residents, the community and official organizations, including NatureScot and Dumfries and Galloway Council and an expert at Barony College at Parkgate.

He is supported by concerned local residents who are launching a campaign for more government support to restore the beauty spot.

He said that he is more optimistic about the future of the lochs after the meeting.

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He stated that he understood the strong feelings in the area and town about protecting this precious place, which is at high risk of further degradation if not careful intervention.

Local constituents approached me to ask for my opinion. I felt it was important to have all of the official stakeholders onboard so that everyone can work together to improve the Mill Loch and protect it in a coordinated manner.

It was obvious that a loch management program was needed. I am pleased that the organizations involved have taken the time to evaluate what they might be able to offer over the next month.

He said that the Mill Loch, along with the other lochs in the area, has a finely balanced ecosystem and biodiversity. It is essential that the right steps are taken. The loch, paths and surrounding area are a huge natural resource for both locals and visitors. Therefore, community involvement and local knowledge are crucial.

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